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Check Out Hulk Hogan’s Final WCW Contract From 1998

Hulk Hogan’s final WCW contract from 1998 has surfaced after Chris Harrington of the IndeedWrestling posted it online. Check it out here:

You can see the entire contract here.

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  • The Shockmaster

    Big money. I now see why WWE couldn’t really bring him in until Feb 2002 at No Way Out.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Jesus. He got a sign bonus of $2 million, plus a down-side guarantee of over $4 million per year, and that was for working only six PPVs a year. No wonder Turner went out of business.

    • Damian Starr

      It goes on for appearances, 25% of nitro arena revenue (no less than 25k btw) and 25% of house show revenue plus a tonne of merch rights

      • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

        His paycheck alone in a year like 2000 would break the entire company, not to mention what Nash was making, Bret, Goldberg, Sting, and all the rest. Just insane.

        • Joseph Lisnow

          and he’ll be broke in 5 years.

          • jcice13

            isn’t he real close right now

        • Damian Starr

          Crazy crazy money man!

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