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Chris Benoit’s Son Training for Pro Wrestling?

– Chris Benoit’s son David is reportedly training to become a professional wrestler. He’s just now started lifting weights but word is that he’s done some working out with David Hart Smith, son of the late British Bulldog. Here is a recent photo of David and David:

DH and David Benoit

Apparently Benoit has also kept in touch with Chris Jericho. Jericho noted in his most recent book that David called him up after the murders and asked if he would still be able to attend wrestling events. Here is a photo of David at a SmackDown event, presumably from this year, and at another event with Jericho before Jericho’s most recent departure:

Jericho and Benoit

Benoit at WWE event

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  • Lara_P1

    even if the guy packed size and learned to wrestle, WWE would never hire Benoit’s son.

    • gta4801 .

      Even so good luck to him he’s gonna needed

    • Stevewiser

      Why not? Seems like a great story. The redemption of the most tarnished name in pro wrestling. Who made you the expert on WWE’s hiring policy?

      • Lara_P1

        WWE wants nothing to do with the name Benoit. McMahon doesnt even want his name mentioned. Im not saying he shouldnt get a shot if he really wants it and develops into a good wrestler; all i am saying is, seeing how WWE has reacted to Benoit, they more than likely wouldnt hire him.

        • JustPro

          WWE could still hire him… I mean he is already walking around backstage… Also WWE would most likely give him a new name like Shady McGray or something…. WWE does not need to have him use his maiden name…. Chris did the bad deeds not David can’t punish David for his fathers sins… With that said David needs to get better at wrestling and REALLY and I mean Really pack on some muscle before he can go all pro….

          • The Devourer of Dimensions

            Seem to forget the fact the media would go into a frenzy the moment they found ‘Benoit’ on WWE’s payroll.

          • Stevewiser

            No they wouldn’t. His son is an innocent victim in all of this. If anything it would be good PR for WWE. You guys think you know everything but none of us have any idea how any of this will play out. The kid is super young and presumably Vince won’t even be in charge of the company once this kid would be ready for a WWE tryout. Stop pretending like you’re all insiders.

          • Stevewiser

            Exactly. This kid is as much a victim of Chris Benoit’s crimes as anybody else and obviously the WWE knows this. I mean if one person does something terrible is the whole family expected to be punished?



  • matthew

    whats kevin sullivan going to think about this. hopefully nothing bad happens to david.

    • Chelsii?

      Why would anything happen to him, you psycho?

      • matthew

        because benoit and family were killed.

        • PlanoStu

          I agree with Matthew. I always believed Kevin Sullivan had something to do with it.

          • matthew


          • lol

            benoit did it
            stop that

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Poor kid. I wish him well. Even if WWE doesn’t hire him, that doesn’t mean he can’t have success as a pro wrestler. He could go for the NWA Title, which is still defended all over the world. He could wrestle in Mexico, Canada, Japan, just like his dad did. Go for it, I say.

  • JustPro

    I wish David all the luck but seriously kid get some serious muscle on yah… Your arms are going to break trying to lift some of these superstars….

  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    He’s a spitting image of his father.

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