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Chris Jericho Calls 2016 One Of His Favorite Years

When Chris Jericho returned to the WWE for his latest run he had a plan of turning heel.

“So everything that I did, me turning on AJ [Styles], that was kind of already written,” said Jericho to Internal Bussiness Times. “It was fun for me to go out there as a babyface, but I also planted seeds to eventually turn heel. So it is one of my favorite years. It’s definitely my best year since 2008, 2009; no doubt about that.”

Since Jericho started working a part-time schedule, he’s mostly been a face. The current heel turn saw Jericho defeat Styles at WrestleMania and he’s continued to feud with top talent on the roster. Jericho’s always been known for helping the younger talent get over.

As for Jericho’s latest run, it looks to fill out the rest of 2016 as there’s nothing major planned with his band Fozzy.

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