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Chris Jericho Comments On Current Run Ending, Howard Finkel Celebrates Big Day With WWE

– With Chris Jericho touring most of May with Fozzy, his current WWE run looks to be ending by end of the month.

“We’re getting ready to put out a new Fozzy record, and I can’t do wrestling and music at the same time,” said Jericho to Forbes. “So I think this [wrestling] run is pretty much winding down at this point,” Jericho said. It’s time to take a break from wrestling and work on some of these other things that have been on the back burner and are starting to come to fruition.”

– Today, marks Howard Finkel’s 37th anniversary of working full-time for WWE. He mentioned the honor on Twitter.

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  • Meg’El Diablo’Matthews ?

    He still works there? ?

    • Brian Taylor

      Rumor is the universal title match will become a triple threat match when he runs down and refuses to leave the ring.

      • Meg’El Diablo’Matthews ?

        What if even after that wether he wins or looses & still refuses to leave will he be a part of any remaining matches? It comes to the end of the night the audience have all made their merry way home the guys are dismantling the set etc he still refuses to leave do they dismantle everything around him then go home leaving him there in the dark? & for every sports event or concert that is on there after tonight is he a part of that too?????

        Ok Ive thought way to much about this ?

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