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Chris Jericho in a New Web Series

Chris Jericho spoke with Friday Morning Quarterback about his current projects while he is taking a break” from the WWE right now.

“It’s not really a break from WWE, the only time I work WWE now is when I’m on a break from Fozzy, so WWE is one of those ancillary projects I do when Fozzy is off,” said Jericho. “But I always have something going on, I’m in a new web series called Jon Davis Gets A Sex Robot, I’m working on my third book right now. I’m doing a bunch of signings for World Of Wheels next year, there’s always stuff going on. A couple more acting things and TV shows brewing. And there’s always WWE, I could always go back there if I have chunks of time, it just depends on my schedule, but there’s definitely no shortage of jobs, that’s for sure [and] that’s a good place to be.”

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  • Devon

    I cant wait for Y2J to return

  • Helsing

    Y2J really is a workhorse! So much respect for him! He can at all times just return to WWE and still be his awesome self delivering some of the greatest matches every week.

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