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Chris Jericho Comments on WWE Return, New Book & More

Dean Puckering and Michael Owen recently spoke with Chris Jericho. Here are some highlights.

His WWE career: “I’ll be back at some point. But it’ll only ever be on a part time basis. Fozzy is my main focus in my career right now and it also depends on when Vince calls. If we can work something out, we will, but it has to work around the band and not the other way around.”

His new book: “There’s a 3rd book coming out. It’s not a romance novel or anything like that, just a continuation of my last book, Undisputed, in 2007.”

Music or Wrestling: “I don’t have to choose. I’ve been in a position with my career where I’ve been able to do both. All I ever wanted when I was a kid was to be a wrestler and a rock star, and I’ve been fortunate enough to do both.”

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  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    I’ve tried to listen to Fozzy, but that music is GARBAGE! And I like hard rock/heavy metal… which they fail to emulate.I’ve heard better bands play for spare change on the Vegas strip.

    • Mario Peralta

      Justin Beiber and phoney Elvis impersonators don’t qualify as good music. Fozzy, Metallica, Megadeth are metal. Crap like Disturbed and Slipknot are far from metal

      • Chelsii?

        They are also, far from crap.

        • Mario Peralta

          Don’t get me wrong, I like slipknot and other similar sounding rock bands… but that style is not metal in the least.
          So for me to use the word ‘crap’ to describe modern music was wrong, yes. It is still good music, yes, but when people say they like metal and name one of those bands is kind of insulting to the genre of metal music

      • Iron Mike Sharpe

        Fozzy shouldn’t be in the same sentence (or same book) as Metallica (pre-Black album). Fozzy reminds me of those D list hairbands that killed the genre. For example- Enuff Z Nuff.

        • Mario Peralta

          Post self titled album (yes it was not called the black album) was good too. If you wanted the same song over and over again on the same album released over and over again, then stick with Slayer. Metallica just experamented with change. It didn’t go over as much as they hoped so with their latest album, Death Magnetic, they went back to the Master of Puppets/And Justice For All sound they had.

          As far as Fozzy goes, they are suppose to sound like 80’s style arena metal. One of their big influences was Iron Maiden, who still sounds lime they did in the 80’s. So why criticize Fozzy? There is nothing different about them than any other band who is successful at what they do. People seem to sh!t all over them because “a wrestler can’t sing” just because he is a wrestler and that’s what he is known for. I am not sayong you are claiming this same thing. And of course you have your own opinion.

          • steveweiser

            You sound like an idiot. Please stop talking about metal. Slayer songs sound the same? Really? Maybe to a 12 year old like you. And by the way Death Magnetic was the most well received album Metallica has released in a decade. Seriously there’s no way you’re older than 16.

          • Mario Peralta

            I am 27 as a matter of fact. And when did I say Death Magnetic wasn’t well recieved? I said that they went with an old sound with that album. Fozzy does sound like glam metal… hence why I said 80’s Arena Metal. Why you are all upset dishing out insults is beyond me because it is all a matter of opinion. I never compared Megadeth and Metallica to Fozzy. What I said was Metallica and Megadeth was metal, Disturbed and Slipknot aren’t. Fozzy is metal. Just because people don’t like them or take them seriously does not mean that their music catelog don’t exist under the genre of metal.

      • steveweiser

        Fozzy sucks. Why would you compare them to Megadeth or Metallica? Not even the same genre of metal and they sound nothing like Fozzy at all. I hate Slipknot but it’s crazy to say Fozzy is more metal than Slipknot. Is Slipknot metal for 12 year old emo kids from the trailer park? Yes, but it’s still metal. Fozzy is more like glam rock or hair metal.

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