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Chris Jericho On Being A Heel And Roman Reigns Being Suspended

WWE star Chris Jericho spoke with about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On Roman Reigns’ WWE suspension: I think they have to because he’s the top guy in the company and his push over the last few years has been astronomical, and he gets a huge reaction, Whether you like him or not, he’s definitely a polarizing figure, and people make noise for him. So I think by acknowledging it, you own it. You’ve got a big zit on the end of your nose and you say “look at my zit on the end of my nose” and people kind of get disarmed. They can’t use that as ammunition anymore. It’s the elephant in the room. They’ve said it enough times, so I don’t think it really matters.

It’s not like the guy shot somebody or robbed a bank or something like that. There was a suspension and in less than two weeks he’s gonna be back and they’ll be one night of people heckling him probably for a bit and then it’s gonna be gone, move onto the next thing. So I think it was a smart move for them to take ownership of it because if you don’t then you’re almost manifesting it to a bigger thing. It’s like you’re trying to hide it, and they’re not trying to hide it. It shows that the wellness policy is 1,000 percent legit. Because if there was anybody they’d try to protect it would be him.

On being a heel: It’s very easy because I know what to do. I can turn a crowd in a second. I can turn babyface in a second and turn heel in a second and probably do it both multiple times on the same night. Because I have 26 years of experience. Most people in the business right now don’t have that. I’m also not afraid to commit. I know how to come across as a d—, very, very easily. And I still get people that chant for me. Last night, there was a section chanting “Y2J.” I just gave them the finger. Shut them up completely. Did I get in trouble for it? I’m not gonna tell you, but I don’t give a s—. You want to try and go against the script and do what I don’t want you to do? I’ll get you, believe me. It’s very easy. I’ll play you like a f—ing fiddle, man. I’m the master of puppets pulling your strings at all times.

You can read the entire interview here.

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    He’s right you know

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    He needs to go into the Hall of Fame while still active.

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    Jericho was in Jesus’ yearbook lol

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