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Chris Jericho Responds to Triple H’s Promo from Raw in New Interview

Chris Jericho spoke with about Triple H’s recent promo on Raw where he referred to himself, Rob Van Dam and Edge as talented stars who were never “the guy” for the company.

“That’s his opinion, and as somebody that was a six-time World Champion and main evented pay-per-views for years, was I ever the guy? Well, no, but who was?” Jericho replied. “I think if you look over the last 15 years in WWE, you’ve got Rock, Austin, Hogan and Cena. I wasn’t the guy… I just know that I had great matches pretty much every night. I had great rapport with the fans. I could make them love me or hate me depending on what I wanted, so I don’t know what more you can say.”

Jericho mentioned that he wasn’t angry with Triple H, but both Triple H and himself were “always the guys who worked with the guy.” He also mentioned that while he believes that Triple H is one of the greatest of all time, he could match him in every area.

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  • Tsall13

    Match him more like exceed him in every area… Jericho you need to just come out and say you’re better then that egotistical power hungry twãt and speak you’re mind… I rather you do that and maybe never see you in a wwe ring again then for you to lay down for him like you were forced to do twice already…

    • JH

      From all reports and history, I see HHH as quite respectful of other wrestlers and wrestling history.

      It’s quite apparent they’re playing simply on the IWC’s opinions and preconceptions of him.

      And I dunno, Y2J and HHH are on about the same level in my book, Y2J is definitely a better technical worker, and fantastic in any role he’s in on the mic, but HHH matches him just about everywhere except technical ability, but given his build and size, he’s always been much better in that regard than he ever needed to be.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Chris Jericho and Triple H are both good wrestlers IMO.

  • PlanoStu

    Pretty sure HHH knew as soon as he got to WWE that his ticket to fame and fortune was becoming Mr. Stephanie McMahon. He never, and I mean NEVER, would have achieved as much if he didn’t marry the billion dollar princess. Hes good, but not legitimately in the top 10 in the last 20 years and not top 25 all time in WWE. He never was “the man”, and for all the Cena haters, Cena IS the man. Not a great technical wrestler, but promoters only care about who’s making them the money. Hogan, Austin, Rock, Cena, – great draws, not great wrestlers. The guys who could actually wrestle, HBK, Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero, Bret – GREAT wrestlers, were never “the man”, cause they can’t draw on their own. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!

    • YM5

      Austin was an incredible wrestler, he didn’t have to wrestle but when he face a wrestler he’d match them hold for hold

      • PlanoStu

        Never said he couldn’t wrestle. But he was better on the mic and knew how to work the crowd. Sorry, I loved SCSA but he was Jericho was a better wrestler.

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