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Chris Jericho Starts a Count Down, Shawn Michaels at NBA Game

– Chris Jericho has started a countdown on his official Twitter page. Jericho tweeted the following on Sunday evening.

“27-My Dads number when he played in the NHL. Also my ranking in the top 50 WCW superstars of all time. Also today’s date.”

Jericho tweeted Monday: “Day 26 is an R&B group formed by P-Diddy in 2007. I was also 26 years old when I won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship for the first time.”

– During last night’s San Antonio Spurs game, Shawn Michaels was shown rooting on the Spurs during the Western Conference Finals. He noted on his Twitter account that the Spurs took good care of him and always do when he goes to a game.

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  • zip

    It’s sad to see someone go who only worked his ass of to get Punk and other wrestlers over at the cost of his own legitimacy. Hope he will be back and whoop the locker room’s asses to strengthen his legitimacy and proof once again why he is the best in the world at what he does.

  • @zip so basicly you want him to come back and bury the young guys in the locker room all to prove that he is a legend (as if he isint already)

  • C.I.T.M

    Thats the main reason that I like Jericho (There is many others of course) The fact that he puts people over he’s a man that knows his time at the top is over & he’s helping other get there

  • Coolquip

    Hes counting down his suspension

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