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Chris Jericho’s Reaction To Wrestling AJ Styles On RAW

The WWE officially signed AJ Styles to a contract and he appeared in the Rumble match at number three. He would last close to 30 minutes and the next night on RAW, the former free agent met Chris Jericho for the first time.

“When it was pitched to me, it was pitched to me one way and then I had an idea to kind of go another way, so, hopefully, if things keep going the way we hope, you might see another Jericho/Styles match, so we’ll see,” said Jericho. “I was really happy with [the match]. It was fun. It was fun to get in there with a new guy and kind of suss each other out a little bit. And now, it will only get bigger and more intense as we go forward.”

Jericho called Styles’ debut in the Royal Rumble as one of the best surprises in recent WWE memory. The first Undisputed Champion in WWE history lasted the longest, going over 50 minutes.

To hear all of his latest Talk id Jericho podcast episode, please click here.


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  • Victor82

    Officially, the one who lasted the longest was Roman Reigns with 59:50.

    • Voice of Truth and Reason

      However, that is absolutely nothing if you compare to the record 364 days that Axel was in the Rumble last year.

      • Victor82


      • Bite Me You Loser

        He’s still in the Rumble. He was only tossed from LAST YEARS rumble. So there still has to be a tie breaker between Axel and Triple H!

      • Philip Hollett

        One flaw in that theory, he never stepped into the ring in last years rumble, so was never officially in the match. One cannot win the lottery if they do not have a ticket.

    • The Shockmaster

      There should be a rule that if one is carted out of the arena in a stretcher due to ‘injury’, you are not allowed to come back to the ring.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      they need to use the * mark.

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