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Chris Masters About Rejoining WWE or TNA Wrestling

Chris Masters recently spoke with Donald Wood from Bleacher Report about possibly returning to WWE.

“You know, you can’t rule anything out of course, but I mean the problem with WWE right now for me is that it seems there’s no real room for opportunity. There’s just so many guys that they have and I haven’t watched in a while but from what I’ve heard they combined raw and Smackdown and if you want to just be there just treading water then yeah, but I would rather go there with the certainty that I was actually going to do something and be vital to the program. It just depends on the opportunity that’s there, and it doesn’t seem like there is to me.”

“What do they have there like 100 guys in developmental and it just seems like right now I’m where I’m supposed to be and doing what I’m supposed to do but if the opportunity presents itself I’m not necessarily going to say no but there’s going to be some things to consider obviously. Even before my release I was always thinking in the back of my mind about the potential of quitting and either calling TNA or just reevaluating things because I knew how my work had come along but also at the same time they were at a point in the company where they needed babyfaces and they still weren’t using me so I was just like, if they aren’t going to use me at this point when are they going to use me? It still didn’t seem rational because it’s like, I’m not going to quit because this is the place I’ve always wanted to work, this is my dream, so that kind of overshadowed any thought of quitting but it did cross my mindat the time so that’s kind of where I stand with it now. I’m still just 30 years old so it gives me some time on my side obviously but I really can’t say for sure.”

Masters also commented on the possibly of going to TNA Wrestling.

“I keep an open mind about any wrestling company because it’s my ultimate passion, there’s really nothing else. If I had to fill out a resume, under qualifications I’d put what,standing vertical suplex and an unbreakable full nelson? I don’t know where that’s going to benefit me in society but one thing that I have been exploring while living in LA is different movie projects because coming out of our line of work it seems like a natural fit.”

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  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Another underutilized guy who could’ve made some improvements and really would’ve made a statement in my opinion. Plus the fact when I first saw him I didn’t think a Human being could be anymore chiseled.

    • Warren Roby

      Agreed! When I first saw him I thought to myself that he could be in the makings of another total package style. Not Lex Luger but submission, ground wrestling, character based heel who could tear apart most men!

  • stevewiser

    Whatever it’s worth I saw him wrestle Carlito recently and it was one of the most boring matches I had ever seen live. Total snoozefest. I was really disappointed because I was a huge Carlito fan and had heard all the hype about Masters stepping his game up.

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