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Christopher Daniels On Possibly Going To WWE, TNA, More

Christopher Daniels recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything to promote the upcoming ROH Global Wars PPV event. Here are the highlights.

On if anyone coming from WWE to TNA had an ego:

“Yea, one person specifically, but yeah, I won’t name names. I can tell you guys who weren’t like that – guys like Angle and Christian, they were very generous with their knowledge and wanted to help. Some guys work on that top level and depending on why they move on to different places, they either carry that attitude or come in with fresh eyes, it just depends on the person.”

On if he could end up in WWE:

“I personally have not been offered a chance to wrestle in the WWE again, I feel like in their eyes that I am probably too old. But I am thrilled for guys like Styles, Joe, and Aeries to be seen by the broadest spectrum of fans. I always knew they had the talent to work there and on that level, they just needed the opportunity, and they finally got it.”

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  • Buss da 6’1

    Wait a minute who’s this Aeries

    • jcice13

      he builds nests for birds high on mountain tops

      • Buss da 6’1


        • jcice13

          right? that’s the only “aeries” I know of

  • Z….

    Chris Jericho vs Christopher Daniels would be amazing

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