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Chyna Says She Has No Problem Working With Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Chyna appeared on The Howard Stern Show Monday to promote her first professional pornographic film, Backdoor To Chyna and revealed that she recently wrote a letter to Vince McMahon regarding a possible return to WWE. The organization responded and informed Chyna they were not interested in doing business with her at that time. She has since clarified on Twitter that she offered to return to WWE prior to her affiliation with the producer of her film.

“I extended the olive branch to Vince before Vivid made their offer. He didn’t want me back,” she wrote.

Nonetheless, Chyna still has the door open for a return to WWE. She posted numerous messages on Twitter indicating that she would like return to the organization.

* “I would love the opportunity to come back & give the WWE Universe ONE MORE MATCH!”

* “I would love to come back to the WWE Universe. Vince McMahon needs to bring me back.”

* “Hopefully one day I will be back in the WWE.”

* “Vince doesn’t seem to want me back but if enough fans want it he’ll have to do it.”

The relationship between Triple H, her former real-life boyfriend, and Stephanie McMahon (with whom Chyna claims he had an affair and then left her for), was a major factor in her departure from WWE in 2001. She reiterated on Twitter, “We were actually a couple when Stephanie was having an affair for Triple H for a whole year while he was with me.” However, when asked whether that would pose a problem for her in returning to WWE, she said no.

“The past is the past,” she wrote. “I want to wrestle and do business with the WWE. It’s business, not personal.”

When asked which WWE Diva she would like to face upon her return, she quipped, “The only diva I would want to take on if I ever came back is the biggest one, Vince McMahon.”

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  • Peter Ballack

    This woman needs to realise that she is no longer relevant in 2011, and whilst the McMahons are in charge she was never be rehired. Ever.

    She sold her soul to be a porn star and drug addict. A mere shadow of her former self, she needs to get a real job and forget about wrestling for WWE ever again.

  • David

    With the current direction of the WWE, even if Chyna was remotely relevant, there is simply no way the company would bring in a porn star.

  • TonyT

    David, you said it perfectly.

    WWE and their PG status would never allow it to be known….again…..that they’re associated or were associated with porn. ESPECIALLY with Linda McMahon’s bid for US Senate.

    Unfortunately for Chyna, even IF her “fans” wanted her back, which I haven’t seen to many of them chanting her name at any WWE events….She’s never going to be able to get employed with them. Not right now with the WWE wanting to remain PG and “Family Friendly”.

    Of course though, we’ve ALL seen and read many times over. “Never say never”..

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