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Chyna’s Mother Requests Death Case Be Re-Investigated

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Chyna’s mom, Jan LaQue, has requested her daughters death be re-investigated.

Upon reflection, LaQue started to question the honesty of Chyna’s former manager Anthony Anzaldo. She believes that some of Anzaldo’s actions after the death of her daughter need to be looked into further. Looking through some of LaQue’s emails from her daughter, it was indicated that Anzaldo stole Chyna’s money. Chyna had told her mother not to speak with Anzaldo for the time being.

So it seemed to LaQue as though Chyna had fired her manager. However, Anzaldo was handling Chyna’s affairs after she died. LaQue has been unable to get any straight answers about where her daughters belongings are and how the monetary donations to Chyna’s estate are being used.

It was even suggested that the manager sold Chyna’s cello and was confrontational every time LaQue tried to find out who bought it.

Around the time of Chyna’s death, LaQue feared that her daughter was battling personal demons. Now, she isn’t so sure and waits for toxicology reports to come back and confirm the cause of death.

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