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CM Punk Celebrates Birthday, William Regal Holding Comedy Show, More

– WWE Champion CM Punk celebrates his birthday Friday as he turns 34-years-old. He was born Phillip Jack Brooks on October 26, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois.

Also celebrating birthdays Friday are Kevin Sullivan (63), Austin Idol (63), Kurrgan (43), TAKA Michinoku (39) and Rochelle Loewen (33).

– The comedy stylings of William Regal, “An Audience With A Wrestling Villain,” will take place Nov. 7 at the Glee Club in Birmingham, England. Tickets go on-sale Friday at 10:30 a.m. GMT, are priced at £18.60. Included is a post-show meet and greet with a photo-op and one brought item signed. (Event Information)

– WWE has released a promotional video previewing Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event. The advertisement is centered on WWE Champion CM Punk defending his title against Ryback.

YouTube Preview Image

– WWE will hold Raw live events at Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida on Friday, January 4, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. and the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center in Tallahassee, Florida on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. Both events are headlined by John Cena, CM Punk, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler.

– During a SportsCenter broadcast on ESPN Thursday, anchor and wrestling enthusiast Robert Flores referenced WWE Hall of Famer Iron Sheik. While discussing ESPN’s “Greatest Athlete Of All Time” tournament, Robert Flores said if the legendary wrestler doesn’t make the final eight, he’s “gonna hit somebody.”

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  • rob

    Cue the unwarranted hate on CM Punk from Lisa. I mean CM Punk is such an asshole for turning a year older…what a bastard.

  • Lisa

    Of course he is, Rob. A 34-year-old asshole. You may ass well give him a very special birthday present. Go suck his one inch-long cock.

  • Brody Lawrence

    Happy Birthday CM Punk and many more.

    @Lisa–I’ll tell you what I tell all the Cena haters. Get over it or stop watching WWE. Like him or not he & Cena are their 2 top stars on what’s probably their weakest roster ever. If he were gone their ratings would sink even lower and WWE won’t let that happen. CM Punk isn’t going anywhere so you might as well get used to it or give up WWE to watch TNA or Monday Night Football or whatever sucky sitcoms come on the other channels now opposite their 20 different shows.

  • Z…..

    @ Lisa earlier you said you didnt want someone disgracing “the most prestigious title in pro wrestling.” then you say that you dont care who the champion is, even if its a joke character, as long as its not punk. well, the people that you say you would rather see as champion, disgrace that title, whether or not you want to admit it. Punk isnt the greatest technical wrestler or in ring worker in the company, but he is so far beyond the people you have mentioned (Cena, Ryback) that its not even close. Add the fact that on the mic and portraying whatever character he needs to, he is arguable the best in the company, and you have the reason why he is the current only person around the main event scene who should hold that title. Your claim is that he is an “asshole,” but if he was such an “asshole,” why would he be so willing to help everyone that he helps behind the scenes? Why would he be willing to help get ryback through this terrible situation by helping him look good every time they are out there together? Why would he care about explaining match sequencing? Why would he care how Ryback looks when he carries him to this main event match? In other words, your opinion is just as, if not way more flawed, than ours. We can back up our claims that John Cena’s character is garbage just like his in ring skills

  • Lisa

    Brody Lawrence, there is only one top star in the WWE and his name is not CM Punk. Can you please just stop embarassing yourself by trying to equate that asshole to Cena. Whether you hate him or like him and whether you think he can wrestle or not, John Cena is in a league of his own. He is the most valuable superstar on the roster and is by far the most marketable. He is at the top of the mountain. He leads the way and others follow. You can’t argue with facts. Get that into your think skull.

  • Chelsii.

    Happy Birthday CM Punk.

    Best in the World.

  • Brody Lawrence

    @Lisa My think skull? Unlike you I do think with my skull. I guess your reading comprehension skills aren’t very good either because I was complimenting Cena for being a top star and putting down his haters. Your own blind hatred of CM Punk just makes you sound like a dumbass–well,a bigger dumbass– because you ignore his accomplishments which are as laudible as Cena’s.

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    Lisa is just sour because CM Punk wouldn’t sleep with her…

    And LOL @ THINK skull!! way to go you SPECIAL CHILD!!!

  • Alejandro

    Rob and Lisa go argue somewhere else. No one wants to hear you two arguing like middle schoolers anymore. It’s getting really annoying.

    Lisa stop trying to make arguments that don’t even make sense and stop calling people names when they are RESPECTFULLY (Except for Rob and Chelsii) telling you their own opinions about your comments and admiration about John Cena.

    Rob why are you even mentioning Lisa’s name in the first place here in this article when you already know she’s going to annoy you with her comments and you start to argue with her like a middle schooler.

  • Lisa

    Brody Lawrence, I like the fact that you mentioned something to do with “reading comprension skills” because boy do you need them. You clearly don’t seem to understand my point of disagreement with you, do you? Kudos to you for giving Cena credit where it is due because frankly not many (if any) on this site do that. But I find your attempt at equating Punk to Cena laughable. The two are not on the same level and you know it. No one is on the same level with Cena, he is the top and only top dog for fuck’s sake. Now get that into your thick (not think this time) skull.

  • Brody Lawrence

    @Lisa blahblahblahblahblah Like Alejandro said just more childish comments from a childish mind. Punk is indeed a top star in WWE. They wouldn’t have let him hold on to the WWE title as long as he’s had it if they didn’t think so. Whether or not he’s better than Cena is purely your opinion not a fact etched in stone. Punk may be The Rock to Cena’s Steve Austin or Randy Savage to Cena’s Hulk Hogan but that doesn’t make him a lesser star or a bottom feeder just because you personally don’t like him. So like I said you might as well get used to him being there or watch something else. So get that through your thin airhead.

  • Lisa

    Cut the crap. You must be the dumbest man on earth if you think I’m gonna stop watching WWE just because of that rag CM Punk. I have been a wrestling fan all my life you fucking moron. Just so you know, I always have the option of changing the channel for a few minutes whenever that asshole is on TV.

  • Bad News Bro

    Lisa, you do realize that Punk and your idol John Cena are both friends in real life, right? Look for yourself:

    Does that look like a pair of mortal enemies? Punk puts over Cena CONSTANTLY in candid interviews. And he always defends the fact that he’s not the only one who works hard, and that Cena works harder than anyone. Cena put Punk over big time as well on Punk’s DVD. We all understand if you like Cena more than Punk, or don’t like Punk at all, it’s your arrogance and your ignorance that bothers people. But, I’m sure there’s no point to any of this. You’ll say none of it matters, he’s still an asshole, make a sad and ironic attempt at calling me an idiot, and then proceed on with your closed-mindedness as you always do.

  • Chelsii.

    If Cena heard what you said about CM Punk to his face, he’d probably tell you to stop being his fan Lisa.

  • rob

    @Alexandro I just knew it was coming so i posted that comment. I’m not the one going back in forth with her in multiple comments. I said before there’s no point in arguing with her because she has a thick ass skull so I’m just having fun fucking with her

  • Brody Lawrence

    You’re right Rob. I’m through trying to reason with this dumb cunt Lisa. Bad News Bro, Alejandro and even Chelsii are all right about her as well. Lisa is just an ignorant immature dumbass. I guess it’s true what they say “Don’t argue with a fool. People may not be able to tell the difference.” Lesson learned.

    Hey Lisa, here’s a quote from Mickie James more on your level of intellect: “You’re a dumb bitch.”

  • Cee Jaih

    Happy B-day Cm Punk

  • FacePuncher

    Those are some awesome trousers Punk and Cena are wearing in that pic that Bad News Bro posted

  • Mike

    Why do people keep feeding the troll? It’s obvious Lisa is just saying crap to piss people off.

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