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CM Punk Comments on AJ’s Promo, Tonight’s WWE Tapings, Jim Powers

– Tommy Fierro sent the following: Former 80’s WWF Wrestler Jim Powers is now available for personal appearances through FAN SLAM! Signings. FAN SLAM! Signings announced a few weeks back that fans could host their own “Bundy Night Raw” party and have King Kong Bundy come to their house and watch RAW with them. FAN SLAM! Signings will be announcing many more names in the upcoming weeks that will be available for promotions, grand openings, and events. You can LIKE them on Facebook at: You can also Email them at

– Tonight’s WWE Main Event and SmackDown tapings will take place from the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. All the top stars like Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Rob Van Dam, The Wyatts and others are advertised. For dark main events, WWE is advertising Orton vs. Bryan as well as The Shield vs. RVD, Mark Henry and Big Show.

– CM Punk commented on AJ Lee’s RAW promo from last night and coined the phrase “pipebombshell.” Punk tweeted:

“Okay, who’s got this promo that @WWEAJLee cut on raw? I need to get eyes on it.”

“Yup. That’s how it’s done. #pipebombshell”

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  • Chelsii?

    CM Lee or AJ Punk?

    • Aaron

      You can tell AJ loves the business just like Punk!

  • MusclemanFreddy

    AJ is so good, she makes her fellow Divas look like amateurs.

    • Jeff

      I find AJ overrated, she barely wrestles, she gets to much air time sometimes and then she ends up with the divas title..

      • MusclemanFreddy

        She rarely wrestles because she isn’t booked to. She is a good wrestler, probably the second best female wrestler in WWE today. Ring skills aside, she is a mile better than the other Divas when it comes to cutting promos, acting and character development, which explains why she gets so much TV time.

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        That’s what you see i see different yeah she is overrated she can wrestle and cut promos

  • Aaron

    What separates AJ from most of the Divas is this has always been her dream! You can’t say this about every other Diva except Natalya!

    • jcice13

      from watching her performances AJ must have watched years of tape and she’s honed her skills exceptionally well, IMO she’s one of the top 5 female performers of all time and maybe the best in the world right now..good for her

  • jcice13

    wow jim powers? really? I tried reaching him through the contact and the phones were busy for an hour… LOL

  • Devon

    The only divas who are true wrestlers and love the biz are AJ & Nattie. that is why they are the 2 best and my faves. That promo was one of the best I have heard this year, and it was one of the best promos a female has ever cut

  • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

    They need 2 rob tna for some of there k.o. A.J. just raised the bar in the diva division.

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