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CM Punk Disses The Rock Big Time

– WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with The New York Daily News today. Punk had the following to say about The Rock’s return:

“You know, the thing about that is, he’s not around. He’s not around. It doesn’t help morale when the guy goes right from his limo to the dressing room to the dressing room to the ring. He’s very bourgeois Hollywood.”

CM Punk told the paper that The Rock has made little effort to interact with the rest of the locker room.

“He came back, he did WWE Raw after that. He said he was never gonna leave. And the next time we saw him is a month later. Yeah, it does bother me. A little hello would have been nice. He could have run by with his own entourage.”

Punk was asked if The Rock is a diva. He replied:

“I can’t say that. At least the WWE Divas say hi to me in the halls.”

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  • shane


  • Gary

    It’s kind of evident when you watch The Rock on Raw (the rare occasions he appears.) He has this air about him that just seems kind of douchey, kind of like he thinks he’s bigger than anything ever.

    It’s kind of like watching Hulk Hogan if he was actually entertaining. he was big at one point in time, and is now considered a legend. But somehow believes he’s better than anyone else just because of who he is. Trish Stratus is the same way. The way she got personally offended by John Morrison not dropping to his knees and kissing her ass at Wrestlemania, and now the guy is being punished for it.

    I agree with CM Punk, I agree with John Cena. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Rock, I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. But watching him now looking like he’s looking down at Cena and Awesome Truth like they’re nothing compared to him just because he’s a big hotshot film actor is kind of annoying.

  • TonyT

    Probably not entirely the Rock’s fault…Stupid publicists and others within his ‘posse’ are probably pushing and pulling him in all different directions while he was there.

    Publicist to Rock: (Hypothetical scenario) “OK Rock, you have exactly 17 minutes and 41 seconds for your match, 2 minutes for your backstage promo, and 4 minutes 18 seconds for your after match activities….then we have to get over to Letterman (as an example) so you can start your ‘GI Joe’ promotions.”

  • CapE

    Pipe bomb.

  • The Mind

    CM Punk is the same guy who used the wwe universe to get a better contract and title shot…right. You can tell he is mad because the rock is taking his spotlight.

  • Jabroni

    aye Gary. Trish Stratus went to hug Morribitch after the win and Morribitch snubbed her away. IT wasnt about kissing her ass. Morribitch and his lilsumbitch complained when Trish took lilsumbitch’s place at WM. Morribitch should have grown a pair of balls. Sadly he never will since he had no problems with lilsumbitch sleeping over at Dave Bautista’s place during their relationship!

  • Jay

    @The Mind:
    and what’s the problem with that? i can count the number of live raws rock’s been at on a single hand. it’s great that he’s “back” and all, but saying he’s never gonna leave and not show up for a couple months is hilarious.

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