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CM Punk on Ending His Relationship: Calls His Ex A “Complete D-Bag”

WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on “Holberg’s Morning Circus” morning radio show on 98 KUPD in Arizona and opens up about a “relationship that ended in August.”

Punk, who had been romantically linked to WWE diva Beth Phoenix, told the hosts, “I just ended a relationship.”

When asked about whether he’s upset about the relationship ending, he said:

“No, it doesn’t hurt at all. It pisses me off to watch people you love and admire become complete douchebags… People just flake. I guess I realized that it doesn’t matter who it was as long as someone was her boyfriend.”

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  • nowshiz

    one of the biggest drawbacks of dating someone from work…if he is talking about beth then i can imagine how weird things must be between the two given both are on the same show…i hope this doesnt lead to any backstage problems for beth or punk

  • Jabroni

    “relationship that ended in August.”

    Wait if he ended it in August, why is he saying “I just ended a relationship”

    Or is WNZ posting an old news again? o.O

    IF he said this back in August, i am damn sure its Maria Kanellis he’s referring to.

  • nowshiz

    punk and maria broke a long time ago, because she appeared for a youshoot interview in early or mid 2010 and they were broken up then…punk has been dating beth since late 2010 i think so its probably her

  • Mikey

    There was a report months ago of Beth “unfollowing” Punk on Twitter, and she said in an interview about her relationship rumors that she was “taking the 5th.” So I think Punk is referring to Beth Phoenix. I hope there’s no backstage problems, as nowshiz said.

    On another note, this is the first time I read of a woman being referred to as a “douchebag.” I always figured that’s something exclusive to men.

  • Jabroni

    punk confirmed his relationship with Beth in Oct 2011 Maxim Magazine, so how can he split up from Beth before that? He split up in December 2011 though.

  • Some guy

    @Jabroni: Yeah, so this definitely isn’t Beth if he said they were dating in October. This is probably whoever was right before Beth.

  • mariah.

    @Jabroni: Exactly! They were still dating in August and they broke up in November/December. He’s talking about another girl.

  • Alice

    Correction: The name of the radio show is Holmberg’s Morning Sickness, not Circus. Many will remember that this was the same radio show that got Randy Orton in trouble regarding libel against Kelly Kelly last year.

  • mar

    punk and beth break up was announced in dec so its either her or someone else, him and maria broke up in at least 08 maybe even way before she dated someone else for 2 plus years and mike bennett since. but either it beth or someone he dated after, i like punk but he does the rounds with divas and female wrestlers so who knows who it is plus i think he shouldnt have said anything im sure whoever it is wont appreciate it

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