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CM Punk References TNA Wrestler At WWE House Show, Dean Ambrose Competes

– At Sunday’s Raw live event in Worcester, Massachusetts, WWE Champion CM Punk made an obscure reference to a TNA Wrestling talent.

The show opened with Punk and Raw General Manager AJ Lee discussing the night’s main event since Punk’s originally scheduled opponent, John Cena, was unable to appear due to injury. During the verbal exchange, Punk referred to Lee as “Allen Jones,” the real name of AJ Styles.

Lee announced Big Show as Punk’s replacement opponent and that it would be a Lumberjack Match. Big Show performed as a babyface and won the match via disqualification after Punk struck him with a chair. Following the match, Punk assaulted Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. As he was celebrating, Big Show struck him with the WMD to end the show on a high note.

– WWE developmental wrestler Dean Ambrose faced Michael McGillicutty at all three Raw live events this weekend. McGillicutty beat Ambrose cleanly in all three bouts.

– The late Big Bossman is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on


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  • Jeff DeSilva

    So is Punk just that desperate for a real life feud with Styles or is he still bitter Styles chose TNA over ROH after the Rob Feinstein incident?

  • Steve V

    Jeff, it was just a reference that Punk seem to find funny. Don’t read too much into it.

  • Muscleman

    If Punk calling AJ Lee Allen Jones was meant to be a joke, then it most likely didn’t work with the live crowd as only a small minority of WWE fans would know who Allen Jones is. A much bigger number certainly know AJ Stlyes, they just don’t know him by his real name.

  • rob

    Idk what’s worse…the constant heel/face changes by the Big Show with no explanation..Or Ambrose losing at house shows

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Ambrose can’t win every match. If he did I guarantee everyone would get annoyed with him, too. Besides, MM winning a match isn’t the worst thing in the world because he needs a push, too.

  • Adam

    MM is winning every match because WWE carbon copies all their live shows – they are all equally boring so wrestlers can get by 6 shows a week.

  • Coolquip

    Its called an inside joke dumbass, they happen all the time in house shows.

  • SDotC

    They need to give Big Show a direction and just stick with it. Furthermore, he needs to stop working house shows. Andre was a fucking ATTRACTION. Show in his first year debuted by turning Stone Cold, arguably the biggest star ever, into a rag doll, and became WWE champion just a few months later… Now it’s the end of his career, he should be a respected veteran attraction like the Undertaker is, yet he gets no respect from management or the fans, is booked recklessly and has become John Cena’s personal job boy, while selling for guys like Punk and Edge who are 1/3 his size. Show works way too hard for someone with his physical gifts and it’s ridiculous the way his character has been handled. He should only wrestle when they have a good angle for him. Let him appear and cause destruction but only actually wrestle one one Raw a month plus the PPV.

    Hell, even guys like Cena, Sheamus, etc…if they didn’t wrestle so often, I bet people would be more inclined to pay to see them– especially Sheamus who works 8 shows a month which are free with your cable bull.

  • tim

    shut up rob!

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