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CM Punk Says He Will Fight Eight Times In The UFC

WWE Champion
Former WWE Champion and current UFC fighter CM Punk spoke with The Sun about his MMA career. Here are the highlights.

On how many times he’ll fight in the UFC:

“I can’t honestly answer how many (fights) I’m gonna have. We’ll wait and see how the first one goes. But there’s gonna be eight, at least.”

On possibly making his UFC debut at UFC 199 instead of UFC 200:

“It’s really kinda weird. I’d rather be on 200 because monetarily I’d be making more money, and that’s the big show. But I’m not doing this whole thing for money, so it almost kinda doesn’t matter to me. But since it’s only a month later it’s like ‘oh yeah, why don’t we push it?.'”

You can read the entire interview here.

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  • Buss da 6’1

    He must not know what happens to older fighters

  • Lisa

    He’ll get beat so bad on his debut that he’ll put his tail between his legs and quit – never to return to the octagon.

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