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CM Punk Scheduled To Headline WrestleMania 29, Big Show’s Greatest Moments

– As recently as last week, WWE creative was forwarding storylines with the idea that CM Punk will be featured in the closing match of WrestleMania 29.

– Promoting his World Heavyweight Championship Match against Sheamus this Sunday at Survivor Series, the official WWE website has published an article chronicling Big Show’s seven greatest moments.

WWE states, “Sheamus is hungry to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship from Big Show’s colossal clutches at Survivor Series, but given Show’s formidable history, he’d be wise not to underestimate the giant a second time. Here are seven reminders of why Big Show won the “Big Gold Title” to begin with … and why he may still have it when all is said and done on Sunday.”

Feats listed are becoming the youngest WCW World Heavyweight Champion in history at 23-years-old, his 1999 WWE debut, becoming WWE Champion for the first time, capturing the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, successfully defending the Unified Tag Team Championship against R-Truth and John Morrison at WrestleMania XXVI, winning the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania XXVIII, and defeating Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell.


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  • EC

    Vince, Hunter, I beg you guys, for once skip Cena in the main event and stick Punk in!

  • Mick

    The only way Punk will main event Wrestlemania is if either one of these two matches are booked: Austin vs. Punk, and a triple threat between him, Rock, and Cena. A third idea however, is Punk vs. Taker.

  • Fuck Off

    The report doesn’t say that Punk will be headlining Wrestlemania. It says he will be “featured” in the closing match. WWE could do something with Cena vs the Rock for the WWE Title with Punk as the referee, and technically, Punk will be “featured.” I hope that’s not the case, but this is WWE we’re talking about.

  • Chelsii.

    This is bound to annoy a certain someone.

  • brandon

    CM Punk deserves it. He’s played second fiddle to Cena in practically his whole title reign.

  • brandon

    Also, Big Show’s greatest moment in my opinion = When he was the first man to pin Brock Lesnar for his second WWE Title. Priceless.

  • XdanielkingX

    About damn time.

  • Mick

    One has to think if Punk would really follow up on what he said. He said the last thing he’d like to do in his career, that he’s never done, is headline a Wrestlemania, then he’d retire.

    Obviously if he gets the main event of a Wrestlemania, it further solidifies Punk as a landmark in WWE history, period.

  • Lisa

    Good Punk deserves it

  • Y2J

    OMFG, an hour and fifteen minutes and not a stupid comment from Lisa. Maybe she got abducted. We can only hope.

  • FreshCorn

    yes! i hope he finally does get 2 main event wrestlemania. if cena main events i’m not watching his match

  • Lisa

    OMG, not that sewer rat. WTF is WWE thinking? Punk is not even in the same league as the Rock, Cena or even Hornswoggle for that matter.

  • DanSaint

    If Vince and Hunter had their way…Punk WOULD be main eventing WrestleMania…they are both known to be big fans of his.

  • Y2J

    Damn, the abductors hated her too so they gave her back. That sucks

  • Lisa


  • The Boy

    ^ You had to talk about her. Her vajayjay was probably tingling, she could sense there had been an article about Punk and she had to comment.

  • Lisa

    ^ Sorry can’t answer right now. Giving my man Cena a blow job

  • brandon

    Cena wouldn’t touch that hoeski with a twenty foot pole…and cena fucked a 350 pound chick.

    (He said it on an interview with howard stern)

    OH NO! I probably just gave Lisa hope! Lol!

  • Mayback

    So is it gonna be Rock vs Cena vs Punk? How many triple threat matches is punk and Cena gonna be part in a space of 9 months? Triple threats are boring

  • Edward

    You guys do realize that ‘Lisa’ is probably some overweight white guy, right?

  • DC

    @Edward ah you beat me to it.

  • Lisa’s Asian Ho

    Lisa stop cheating with me you sewer rat hoe

  • Lisa

    Why is this idiot still doing this? Don’t you have better things to do with your time? If you wanna post comments on this site, post under your name for fuck’s sake. I’m sick and tired of some male (oh yes I’m sure you are a man) idiot pretending to be me. I haven’t commented on this site for about 5 hours (since the articke on WWE stars talking about farting, an article that you also posted several silly comments). I am coming up with ideas on how to deal with you shameless witch.
    Do you even have an brains in your ugly head? The comments you post under my name are short, always contain the term “sewer rat” (a term I haven’t used since Sunday) and are full of grammatical errors (is that why you keep them brief? So as not to expose your grammar deficiency?). Get a life you swine. As I’ve said, I am thinking of ways of dealing with you. And the next time I post a comment, I will have done that. Fuck you fool.

  • Mermaid

    I’m the only girl here that likes Punk and most of the WWE heels?

  • Lisa

    everyones right cm punk is better then john cena im wrong im fat & im stupid

  • John

    I knew she would eventually fess up ^

  • Lisa Sucks Dick

    How are we expected to believe that he is going to headline Wrestle mania, when he’s not even on the poster. The poster has Rock on the left, Brock in the middle, and Cena on the right.

  • brandon

    Look how MAD she is!

    tl;dr, Lisa. tl;D fuckin R.

  • Christian

    wwe crew is getting smarter day by day
    reviving tag team division
    punk headlining
    recruiting more divas
    turning miz face
    now i only want them to turn ziggler,orton and kingston

  • Lisa

    I love how this imposter tries to act like me by posting long messages. Pathetic really

  • Adam

    Punk doesn’t need to be up against Stone Cold, Cena, Taker or Rock to headline WM. I would love to see Punk v Ziggler to close the show.

  • harshbaid

    Steve austin vs punk ,cena vs brock vs rock it and you have the greatest wrestlemania of all time

  • The Truth

    It’s about damn time

  • EC

    Good Main Events: Punk vs HHH
    Punk vs Ziggler
    Punk vs Miz
    Miz vs Ziggler
    Miz/Ziggler/Punk vs Undertaker
    Rock vs anybody but Cena
    Cesaro vs Kidd
    Cesaro vs Punk vs Ziggler
    … You get my point

    Bad Main Events: Cena

  • Chelsii.

    Lisa needs a good shag.

  • Chelsii


  • Kristine

    The fake Lisa exposed. Look how fast John responded to her. Within a minute after her post, something that is highly suspicious.

  • Chelsii.

    Come on, Mindy. Come save your little whore.

  • Lisa

    Kristine, you are so right. It was that idiot John shamelessly impersonating me all along. I have also studied his previous comments and I have no doubt that it was him. Thank you for exposing the culprit.
    Chelsii, shut the fuck up.

  • And by the way, that idiot John should be banned from this site. What a disgraceful swine. You will also notice that he hasn’t posted a comment on this site for about 8 hours and the imposter hasn’t either. Once again, thank you Kristine for exposing that shameless dog. Shame on him.

  • Y2J

    Lisa, you’re the disgraceful swine and you should be banned from the site. Also, I think whoever runs this site should make it so you have to sign up, pick a username, then nobody else can use it.

  • Rybork Laserback

    @Adam. I get it you want to see new talent at the top but Ziggler vs Punk is bad for a Wrestlemania main event. Just bad. Ziggler is not on that level yet, plus Punk has faced all these challenges last year and his big challenge at WM will be one of the first guys he beat in his title reign, Ziggler? not a good idea, specially with guys like Brock, Rock, Taker, Cena, Trips likely on the card.

    I think they’re going for Punk vs Rock vs Cena or Punk vs Rock, cause honestly thats the only way i see them doing it. Punk vs Taker? I honestly don’t find it that exciting for a WM main event, Taker’s last few years his opponents can only raise the bar if it’s Brock Lesnar, Rock or Cena. Not saying anything about Punk, but he is not exactly the toughest looking guy out there to challenge for the streak, he is a credible heel, but streak is just something else, no one would expect him to end it or feel like something big happened if he losses. Other option would be Punk vs Trips, but i think Trips will be busy getting revenge on Brock.

  • Fuck that sewer rat!

  • SdotC

    LOL at the idiot who said Miz vs Taker or Ziggler vs Kidd would be good main events for Mania.

    Are you serious, bro? No fucking way!

    I like all those guys except Miz but you clearly have no idea how this shit works. You have to get over– really over, to headline Mania. Ziggler vs Kidd? Noooooo

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