CM Punk Talks About Using Paul Bearer’s Death for Build WM29 Match

CM Punk discussed using Paul Bearer’s death to build his match with Undertaker during an interview with The Asbury Park Press.

“My job is to get people to be mad at me and I think I do that very well; I think I blur the lines,” Punk said. “Everything is designed to push people’s buttons – so it’s unfortunate that Percy had to die for him to be a part of this story – but trust me, he would have loved it, he really would have loved it.”

Also during the interview Punk likened his style to Roddy Piper and discussed what a victory over The Undertaker at WrestleMania means, you can read it here.

  • Nintendawg

    A great heel doesn’t have to go too far to make the fans mad at him. The only way Punk can do that is by crossing the line. He’s not the best heel today like many people want to believe. Even Mark henry is a better heel than him.

    Vince is the greatest heel in WWE history. People loved to hate Vince McMahon and he did this without taking it too far. Triple H is the second best heel in WWE history.

    • fcpmac

      You clearly don’t even watch wwe. Punk is one of the greatest heels of the last 10 years, he just doesn’t get booed because he’s an awesome wrestler and WRESTLING fans like that about him. He does stuff no other superstar would dare do and that’s why real fans like him and kids hate him.

    • Nick Turner

      With all your talk of punk not being a good heel and line stepping and naming Triple h as the second best heel ever…two words…Katie Vick. I like it when heels can get that real strong I hate you reaction. Heat like the iron sheik had or Freddie blassie. If people are disgusted by you and feverishly hate your guts even though its all storyline, I think you are a great heel.

    • Thatoneperson

      Love how you clicked an article about CM punk. I knew you were a fan all along!!

    • Tyler Drummond

      Punk can get heat without “going to far” to get the fans mad at him. Besides Vince constantly “went too far” as a heel. In fact the entire attitude era was going too far. As Nick Turner said, Katie Vick. Vince made people literally kiss his ass on TV. He had a match where he basically beat up his daughter. Heels are supposed to do whatever it takes to get people to hate them. That’s what Punk does. That’s what Vince did. Bearer’s family signed off on it and anyone who really knew him all say he would have been fine with it and wanted it that way. So I wouldnt even say its crossing the line.

    • zip

      Wow, you are as much delusional as Lisa.

      • Rob

        He makes me miss Lisa…

        • Thatoneperson

          Lisa is funny when she trolls. He’s just annoying.

      • UMpunkBLN

        He is Lisa

    • Sting’s Dad

      Seriously, have you ever simply expressed an honest opinion on this website without unnecessarily diverting it towards CM Punk or his ability as a wrestler?

      I’ve even seen you comment on articles that have absolutely nothing to do with CM Punk, yet you still mention him time and time again.

      Please either start writing genuine comments or don’t bother; most of us give you the thumbs down without even bothering to read them.

      Comment with some level of logic and maturity or don’t bother at all.

    • Gary Freeman

      Then watch old attitude era clips mark. By the way, all what Henry does is beat jobbers and say that’s what I do.

    • Jerichoholic3

      Actually there was one thing he did that really crossed the line, when he mocked God, that may not be much in other peoples minds but it definitely could have went to far in some peoples eyes

      • Thatoneperson

        Lol I remember that. If you’re referring to Vince McMahon. “It was a handicap match, me vs you (talking to Shawn Michaels) and God.” Shawn Michaels :”you have officially gone completely insane”

    • Rob

      Fuckk off

    • Mohamed Abdo

      u moooooroooooooon !!

  • Thatoneperson

    I consider Punk a tweener. More than half the fans this past Monday Night were still cheering for him. Even when he interrupted the Paul Bearer tribute, they still cheered for him.

    • Rob

      Even when he was pouring ashes they were cheering.

      • Thatoneperson

        Forget this post.

        • Rob

          What happened?

          • Thatoneperson

            I had originally asked what happend to the comments because I got confused and thought this article had 70+ comments but I confused it for another article.

    • Randy Jones

      Punk could punch a Make A wish kid in the face and still get cheered. Fans know his passion for wrestling and he will always be respected.

  • davegts

    heel or not, cm punk in my mind eclipse’s 99% of the current wwe talent. if that percentage had the passion punk has, wwe would be that much better.

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