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CM Punk Update, WWE Title Match Official, Outsiders Shoot

– RF Video and will be doing a shoot interview with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman on Friday. It will be hosted by former WWE announcer Matt Striker.

– Apparently CM Punk attended an AFI concert on Monday night while he wasn’t booked for RAW.

– In case you missed the latest interview with Michael Cole and Triple H from yesterday, Triple H made the WWE Title match for Battleground official. It will be Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • xtremeattitude

    they should add a stipulation

  • will

    I reckon last man standing. Both have good reason for that match. DB should make the stipulation challenge and can argue that orton was out cold at NOC and the ref could’ve counted to 20 and orton would have still been out cold. No sense in orton making the challenge, if anything it’ll be just to try embarass DB by putting him down for the 10 count

  • SdotC

    Nice, AFI used to be awesome. They started going downhill after Sing The Sorrow, but I have a tremendous respect for what they did, essentially taking Misfits-inspired Hardcore Punk, evolving into the late 90s at their apex, and then the melodic sound which they crafted between Black Sails and StS is essentially the blueprint which all those crap bands like The Used would rip off and achieve fame through. It was awesome when Punk would come to the ring to their song Miseria Cantare (sp?), which is about becoming sXe, even though I’m not a member of that community.

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