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CM Skunk Trends, MITB Anthology Preview Clip, Vickie Guerrero

– WWE’s YouTube channel has posted several preview clips from the Money In the Bank Anthology. Here is host The Miz talking about CM Punk:

– CM Skunk was trending worldwide on Twitter last night during SmackDown, at times above Bad Grandpa and other popular topics. CM Skunk was introduced as CM Punk’s cousin and lost to Paul Heyman and Ryback.

– We’ve been covering how Vickie Guerrero plans to go back to college and get a degree in medical administration. She had orientation this weekend and will be starting classes on Monday. She tweeted:

“School orientation went amazing today and I am ready for classes to start Monday! I am ready to conquer my first essay!”

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  • Mohamed Abdo

    Off topic . Plz can someone show me the video in 2005 when Shawn Michaels
    disguised as a camera man on Smackdown and then took off his mustache ..
    dropped the camera and then attacked Kurt Angle .. that was in the
    promo for their match at WM 21 and that imo the best promo I’ve ever
    seen . I surfed the internet but didn’t find it .. plz WNZ if u have .. thanks 😉 .

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