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Cody Rhodes Asks WWE For Release

Cody Rhodes, who now goes as Stardust, requested his WWE release. He made the announcement below on Twitter. There’s no word if WWE granted the request. Stay tuned for the latest.

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  • Joe

    More outta nowhere than an RKO

    • Joseph Lisnow

      sweet comparison!

      • Joe

        Haha thanks.

    • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #???

      • Someguy

        ( ?° ?? ?°)?

        • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #???

          What does that even mean?

          • Someguy

            It’s a mystery.( ?° ?? ?°)

  • KingBack

    It’s a damn shame but I understand it. He position on the card is a joke and on top of that he lost his father

  • Barooq Kidd #POP


  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Damn, damn, damn damn SMH

  • Omega’d

    Given that he’s made it public by announcing hes asked for it on Twitter, I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE just laughed in his face and say “No.”.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Cody had a good career with WWE. Obviously they could have done more with him but hopefully he finds success somewhere else and maybe he’ll come back to WWE someday better than ever.

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    wonder if its a work and it’s his “Stardust” character that is asking for his release….would be interesting if it’s that.

    • siddus

      If that were true he’d have used his official WWE account, not his personal one

  • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #???

    Damn i really hope this is work

  • Mr.???

    hopefully he gets released and can e cody rhoads again. that will be a justice to us all.

  • The Shockmaster

    I hope it’s only smoke and mirrors :(

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