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Cody Rhodes & Goldust React To Victory Over The Wyatts (Video), WWE Ring Announcer Turns 52

– Cody Rhodes and Goldust continued their winning ways on SmackDown as the brother duo defeated Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, which marks as the first-ever loss for The Wyatt Family in WWE. On this week’s “Backstage Fallout” for SmackDown, Rhodes and Goldust react to their victory. Plus, The Prime Time Players and The Great Khali celebrate their victory over 3MB.

– WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel celebrates his birthday on Friday as he turns 52-years-old. Also celebrating a birthday today is former WWE wrestler Rikishi, who turns 48-years-old. Jey and Jimmy Uso wished their father a happy birthday via Twitter, writing, “Happy birthday to our pops @TheREALRIKISHI!! Out here in the middle east!! Don’t kno what time it is anymore!! Have a bless day dad!!”

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  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Am I the only one that feels like the Cody/Goldust team feels extremely awkward and forced? As glad as I am to see Goldust back in the WWE, and as good as he still looks in the ring, I can’t help feeling that he’s an anchor wrapped around Cody’s ankle at the moment. I think Cody is over enough that they could have moved him into a singles title feud (either WHC with Del Rio or IC with Axel) with no problem. But once again, WWE’s going to fail to take advantage of a character’s momentum. I understand the Wyatt Family needs something to do as well, but this storyline that appears to be playing out between all of them is a bad move, in my opinion.

    • KingBack

      Cody Rhodes is involved in the main storyline in WWE so moving Cody towards Del Rio or Axel would be a step down.
      Goldust being around only helps Cody to get more over.
      And besides Cody/Goldie I can’t really see who else would be a decent contender for the tag team championships.
      The Usos have been done so many times now and will be done once again since they currently are 1.contenders.
      The Real Americans are heels.
      Prime Time Players got their shot at NOC and should not get one right away again.
      Los Matadores would just be a joke to pick as new 1.contenders.
      Tons of Funk?? Ewww.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        You do realize that Cody was only thrown into the main storyline temporarily as a way to justify writing him off TV for a couple of weeks, right? And, sure, maybe it helped him draw more sympathy at the time, but now Cody and Goldust are taking on the Wyatt Family. My fear with this angle is that the only way this ends is with Cody and Goldust as the Tag Team Champions, which would give WWE a perfect excuse to just leave them to simmer for a while instead of pushing Cody to singles stardom NOW, which is what needs to happen. Not to mention that the Usos, who probably deserve to actually have the belts more than any other tag team besides Rollins & Reigns, would get screwed again.

        Maybe Axel would be a step down, admittedly, but it would also give Cody Rhodes the chance to match wits with Paul Heyman and give us a VERY well-wrestled match between two guys that have wrestling in their blood.

        I guess my point is, Cody’s at a place in his career where it’s time to let him flourish. Attaching him to Goldust, whether they win the Tag Titles or not, slows that down. And as for Goldust helping Cody be more over, there’s only one of two ways that can go. Either Cody is stuck in the shadow of Goldust’s return tour and previous resume – and Cody deserves better than that – or Goldust is essentially acting as Cody’s glorified manager – and Goldust deserves better than that.

        • KingBack

          He wasn’t thrown into the main storyline just to write him off TV.
          If WWE wanted him off TV they could just do like they normally do and say he got some kind of ”injury”.

  • Thorbeard

    Naay naay

  • Victor82

    My storyline for this two: probably tag champs by the end of the year, then one of the two will eliminate the other at the royal rumble match and one will start to become a heel (probably Goldust). Break up (maybe losing the tag belts) at elimination chamber. Leading to a singles match at WM (probably a loser leaves wwe match), where Goldust will lose because he wants to put over Cody.

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