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Cody Rhodes Takes Nasty Fall at WWE Tapings

According to our correspondents at Tuesday’s WWE Main Event tapings, Cody Rhodes appeared to have taken a hard fall when Kane flipped him over and instead of landing on his back, Rhodes landed on his shoulder. After the spot, Rhodes was then knocked off the apron and didn’t sell as medical staff came out to assist.

Rhodes was visibly shaken as he talked with medical staff before being helped to the back.

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  • Lisa


  • OH GAWD NO! i hope he didnt get hurt, or just bruised his shoulder. i hope he wont miss SVS it will totally fuck up his push with sandow, plus i love cody i dont want him to be out of action :$

  • Lisa

    Fake me, go to hell. I don’t give a fuck about Cody and I would care less if he suffered a career-ending injury. And learn some manners you sick impersonating idiot.

  • brandon

    You’re talking about manners and yet you just say you don’t care if someone suffers a career ending injury?

    Fuck. You.

  • Nick

    He actually bumped his head pretty hard when he landed from a back body drop, he landed real awkwardly, theyll show it in slow motion on Friday.

  • Lisa

    Brandon, go fuck yourself you idiot. I don’t give a fuck what you think. Cody Rhodes is an annoying puppet and you know it. I hope he is out injured for a long, long time.

  • brandon

    Lisa…NOBODY LIKES YOU. Why don’t you just leave this website and never come back?

  • Lisa

    The idiots that foolishly thumb down my comments are the Punk/Bryan/Ziggler cock suckers so I don’t give a fuck. Brandon you are yourself a member of the Assholes Club so I would care less if you didn’t like me. I have always and will always call it as it is. You assholes obviously find that hard to take don’t you? And NO. I won’t quit this website. Not any time soon.

  • Lisa, I would really appreciate if you could post you opinions in a more constructive way, instead of the usual prissy way.

  • Kayfabe fan

    So there’s a possibility that we won’t hear WHAOH at SS

    NO NO NO NO i hope he is ok :(

    Also WHAOH

  • rob

    Dear Lisa

    Go Die

    Love Rob

  • Kerwin White is Jebus

    Lisa, I try not to respond to your comments, as they’re usually very insulting and negative, but I have to say, it’s quite ignorant to tell someone to show manners, while wishing harm on another person. In the same sentence. You don’t get 40 thumbs down from fans of anything…you get thumbs down for writing nasty, unfriendly, obnoxious comments that have zero manners. Notice that most people on here are not generally that rude, unless responding to you. Notice also that no one gets 30 or 40 dislikes consistently except you. That doesn’t mean you’re popular, it means no one likes rude, obnoxious comments.
    It’s not right for people to tell you to die, or to respond to your shitty comments with shitty comments, however you should really take it as a sign that your incredibly negative, rude, obnoxious comments make people upset, angry, and insulted, and you will get what you give.
    So instead of telling people to have manners, try lightening up. This is a place to share opinions and comments, not shit oj people and call wrestlers sewer rats. You don’t want people treating you like shit, stop treating everyone like shit.

  • Leonard

    Lisa, you seem sexy by your attitude, when can we make something happen 😉

  • Lisa

    Kerwin White, thank you for your load of garbage. I would care less if I got 100 dislikes. The idiots that keep thumbing down my comments are CM Punk cock suckers, who are quite a number on this site.

  • Chelsii.

    Lisa, you should listen to your fellow Cena cocksucker Mindy and learn to shut the fuck up.

  • Kerwin White is Jebus

    Oookay, child, clearly reasoning with you doesn’t work, as it requires your having the ability to reason. Let me try this your way:
    I’m warning you. Rabble rabble. Have some manners. Rabble rabble. You’re a sewer rat. Rabble rabble. It’s real to me, dammit! Rabble rabble. I didn’t make that last comment it was a fake Lisa. Rabble rabble. I’m going to check back on every one of my comments on a 10-second interval because I don’t have a job since I’m too overweight to leave the house, oh and I’m a smart, rich, model who is also smart. And rich. And a model. Oh and you need to show some manners as I tell you to fuck off and call you an asshole, cuz I’m smart. And classy. But mostly I’m smart. And a model. I’m not a fat shitty douchebag at all…can’t you tell by the positive tone of all my comments that I’m smart, rich, happy, and a model? And definitely not a fat douchebag with low self-esteem and a shitty outlook on life? Rabble?

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