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Competition for Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV Event

TNA will have competition this upcoming Sunday during the airing the Bound for Glory pay-per-view when the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning go to Indianapolis to play the Colts.

The NFL game is expected to be one of the highest rated Sunday night NFL game of the year. Given TNA’s weak build to what is their biggest show of the year, it will probably hurt their overall buyrate.

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  • xDreamz

    True TNA fans ain’t gonna watch NFL. They’re gonna watch BFG. That’s it.

  • Tsall13

    Lol really… come on… BFG will fail to sell more then 5000 buys not because of an NFL game but because it’s a TNA ppv that has no build up, main event will be garbage, full of filler matches, and maybe a half decent X match… oooo don’t forget coke head is performing a song with his band that no one can pronounce… I’m sure along with me millions would much rather watch an exciting game between two elite QB match ups for free then pay for TNA garbage…

    • Eric Chism

      I am watching Peyton’s return to Indy. Even if there was no NFL game that night, I would not waste my money on it. I would watch it for free, but no way would I pay for it.

  • james clinton

    So, does anyone know if they’re giving free tickets to this like they did the last PPV?
    I live in socal and would not mind driving down to watch if I got in free… but no way would I ever drop cash on this awful company. I ain’t gonna help pay hogan for another year!

    • Tsall13

      I’m sure if you tell security you’re on the card for the night they will let you walk right in since 90% of their roster isn’t recognizable

  • Z….

    Why would anyone BUY any ppv for either company? just download them

    • [B]ANExx

      Because… if NO ONE buys them then there aren’t any PPVs for you to download!!!

      Wrestlemania costs WWE probably 10 – 15 times what it costs them to put RAW on every monday – if they aren’t making extra cash off it, they won’t bother.

      Leeches like you are killing the wrestling industry – being an internet smark you’ll blame Cena or some crap, but his merch sales make up for the PPV you stole…

      • Z….

        jokes on you b/c I dont watch wwe and havent for years. maybe if they put out a product that was worth a buy, instead of spewing their garbage, I would say you should buy it. Otherwise, watch it on the internet for free or download it for free. I could give a sh1t what happens to wwe. Plus they can definitely afford it. Maybe losing PPV buys and ratings with people watching online will smarten them up to realize they cant get away with that trash, even with no competition.

        • [B]ANExx

          Are you too stupid to see the failing of your own argument? My POINT was if no one bought it there would be no PPV to download – I used WWE purely as an example to emphasise my point. To counter argue that ‘you don’t watch WWE’ is inept, shortsighted and does nothing to further validate your assinine point.

          However on that topic IF you watch PPVs for companies other than WWE for free that is REALLY low – TNA are struggling just to stay afloat right now because more people steal their show than watch it legitimately, if you are talking indies – even the big ones like ROH, CZW and DG-USA pay their wrestlers not much more than you or I make for doing ‘regular’ jobs, these guys are busting their asses, bleeding and sustaining REAL injuries for our enjoyment, and you can’t even dig in your own pocket to pay for their sacrifice? Yeah, you’re a REAL wrestling fan for sure…

          • Z….

            I dont watch any of it anymore…they havent made it worthwhile in a long time. That isnt my fault. The only times I watch anything are when I hear about a good match that happened. Even so, my mindset generally becomes “wait. why do i care? I’ve seen some great matches. none of it matters anymore. This isnt worth even checking out.” TNA died in January 2010. If they arent trying to be successful, there is no reason to help them. Everything that happens to the people that deserve better than what they get from them is their fault. Not mine.

            I will mention that I was at BFG 2010, paid for my ticket, and drove all the way up to Daytona. It was amazingly predictable, and royally sucked, except for MCMG vs the Young Bucks. It made me regret not taking the opportunity I had for years to see them at the Impact Zone for free before it turned into what it turned into. I actually met Dixie Carter before the event. I had some unbelievable seats and I had just bought AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Mr Anderson shirts. She was really nice, and tried to convince me to smile. I should have said something when I had the chance.

            Part of me is glad that the business is where it is. It has allowed me to somewhat get away from it. Even though it was something I enjoyed my whole life, I realize that its time to move on. Things just dont last forever. I was once one of the idiots that shelled out my hard earned money to get ripped off on ppvs on a monthly basis. I’m SOOO over that garbage. Call me whatever you want. I could care less

          • [B]ANExx

            If you feel you are done with wrestling I do wonder what you are doing here – on a wrestling news website – but each to their own I guess.

            For what it is worth, 2013 has been a TERRIBLE year for TNA, but WWE and ROH have put on some great shows this year – have ordered every PPV / iPPV from both and the ONLY one I regret paying for was WWE Battleground, was a weak PPV but I can live with that, not every film I go see at the cinema is a 5-star classic either…

            But hey, the last season of South Park wasn’t as good as it used to be – so I should steal the DVD box-set from Walmart right? It is their fault for not making it worth paying for… Justify it however you want, stealing is stealing, don’t try and rationalise it to ease your own conscience – either you enjoy it and it is worth paying for, or you don’t enjoy it, so don’t watch it – simple choice.

            Seems you made that choice and it was ‘dont watch it’ good for you – just don’t come onto a website where wrestling fans chat about our passion and tell us to STEAL wrestling shows… if you care that much you aren’t half as “done” with the business as you thought you were!!

          • Abudadein

            I’m SOOO over food. I used to love cooking and sharing recipes with other food enthusiasts my entire life, but now it’s just complete Bulls**t!!! I don’t eat food anymore, and I haven’t found any worthwhile restaurants or items in the super market for a long time. In order to survive, I have to shove the occasional thing in my mouth, and when I do, it’s always something I stole. There’s NO WAY I’m paying for food. The last really good food I had was back in 2010. Part of me is glad the food industry is where it is. It has allowed me to somewhat get away from it, even though it was something I enjoyed my whole life, I realize now that it’s time to move on. Things don’t last forever. I was once one of those idiots who shelled out my hard earned money (that I make at Stack-A-Shelf) for food. But no more. I’m SOOO over that garbage. Having said that, I still incessantly go on food sites like the Food Network, watch cooking shows like Rachael Ray, and comment on numerous online forums discussing recipes and new cooking techniques. I also steal cookbooks from Chapters and local family owned bookstores in my hometown of Smyrna, Delaware. Call me whatever you want. I could care less.

          • [B]ANExx

            I think I am in love with you Abudadein – epic reply.

          • Z….

            I havent been to a movie in a couple of years either. Its all just an exploit of peoples’ money. just another thing that I can watch for free, that in the end isnt even worth seeing

            All I’m saying is that maybe they’ll do something about their bad product if yo dont give them money for ppvs or ratings for their tv…if you think its worth watching after hearing about it, then watch it online. Not everyone can afford to pay the ridiculous prices for those ppvs and they want to see them too. For them to spend the money on it, only to be ridiculously disappointed at how terrible it is, isnt very fair. Why should they have to pay for an event when the company can easily make the product better, lower the price, or handle losing a few buys? You can be a wrestling fan without spending your hard earned money on the event. I’m sure there are tons of people that only watch the TV and dont watch the ppvs. They find out the results on TV anyway. How is that ANY different?

          • [B]ANExx

            It is different because one is inside the law and one is breaking the law – watching PPVs / movies / anything online is illegal, FANS don’t steal wrestling – I guess the important thing here is that not everyone who ‘watches wrestling’ is a fan, people can call themselves fans but unless they’re supporting the industry they’re nothing.

            Edge made tons of money, but now he has an injury that’ll be with him the rest of his life – if he is making that level of sacrifice then the LEAST people could do is pay to watch him wreck his body for their enjoyment…

            Again, you download movies not go to cinema – same as when I mentioned WWE a few posts ago your response was ‘I don’t watch WWE’ you keep missing the point, I couldn’t care less how you watch films, it was an example… tbh I am not going to make you see that what you do is illegal and immoral so what is the point. I know I am right, cba to change your ignorant mind – especially as you don’t know how to actually DISCUSS something, mental deficiency might explain why you have such a hard time comprehending the points I am making and understanding that what you do isn’t cool. Sorry for your condition, bro.

          • Z….

            ROFLMAOADED….this is a ridiculous conversation. I hope you know that

          • [B]ANExx

            The response of someone who lost the debate…

            I beat you intellectually so now you reduce the discussion to ‘ROFL w/e, u mad bro?’

            If you could have beaten me and proven your point you would have done…

          • Z….

            w/e. I’m pretty sure there is a UFC event coming up. Probably gonna watch it online, and if its as good as 165 was, maybe I’ll download it, though it only took 165 a few weeks before it was on TV. I know I’m for sure not spending however much it costs to buy that ppv. BFG is the next day, but I’ll likely wait to find out if anything is worth watching before I download it or watch it online. You should do the same

          • Z….

            man I completely forgot to watch UFC 166 last night, as I was preoccupied by my team getting into the World Series. Do you know of somewhere I can download it?

  • tmeister

    Bound for glory this year will be judgement day as to whatever i will keep watching impact or not. Even with me recording the show i find my self fast forwarding through most of the show just cause it doesn’t excite me like it used to. Hope they can prove me wrong tho.

  • tim

    the nfl is no match for TNA…..

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