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Conor McGregor Tweets And The Wrestling World Responds

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MMA fighter Conor McGregor recently drew the ire of a number of sports entertainers with comments he made on Twitter. McGregor, whose gregarious public persona has led some to comment on the inspiration he derives from pro wrestling, seems to have beaten many of those who responded to him at their own game.

Here are a few of those responses:

Good ‘Ole JR had an opportunity to take to his blog about the situation:

“McGregor has realized that his remarks are often times polarizing and they spread like wildfire. He has become a great, self promoter of his fights and his own enhanced public persona which is not meant to be an insult in any way. To the contrary, fans of pro wrestling should admire that McGregor is a talented talker like many of the pro wrestling greats in history and who knows how to stir up controversy which creates cash more often than not.

The great ‘heels’ in pro wrestling had the ability to touch the raw nerves of the fan base aka consumers in such a way that those fans would pay hard earned cash to see these ‘heels’ get their asses handed to them in the ring or, in this case, the octagon. Insulted wrestling fans can live out this theory by buying McGregor’s next PPV fight against Nate Diaz who beat the talkative Irishman in their last battle.

I certainly plan on buying this PPV and had planned on doing so long before Conor’s controversial remarks.

It’s somewhat amusing and incredible that some wrestlers who definitely should have known better took McGregor’s bait, hook, line and sinker. I’m curious if they now realize that they have been ‘worked’ in their own genre’s game?

I remember when I was a boy that my late father, J.D. Ross, would have the same reaction when Muhammad Ali would cut promos on TV to piss off the fans who would then make the emotional investment to watch or listen to Ali’s fights in hopes that someone would shut the mouth of the Louisville Lip. Later in my life, Ali told me straight up after I shared my Dad’s story with him that he knew what he was doing and that he was simply doing what he saw on TV from the likes of Freddie Blassie and other pro wrestling heels because Ali realized early on that he could earn more money getting people to invest in his fights to see him lose than to see him win.

Bravo to Conor McGregor for using the correct ‘bait’ to catch na√Įve and emotional ‘fish’ in his latest, entertaining rant.”

You know what they say, “The King sh-ts and the Hand wipes.” The colorful characters in wrestling ought to re-evaluate having so much to prove any time someone challenges their honor as athletes. Rushing in defense of themselves highlights a certain insecurity and actually just empowers McGregor.

To summarize, direct your attention to this eloquent gif. worth 1000 words wherein a dwarf wearing an ape costume takes a baseball slide off the apron:

Poetry in motion.

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