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Cool Moment with Cena, Val Venis Talks Ryback, Ex-Diva Films Doritos Commercial

– Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Katrina Waters (Winter, Katie Lea) noted on Twitter that she recently filmed a commercial for Doritos, likely a Super Bowl contest commercial. Another former WWE Diva who says she filmed a commercial for Doritos is Shelly Martinez.

– Former WWE Superstar Val Venis says he likes Ryback but is not a fan of his Shell Shocked finisher. Venis tweeted during RAW on Monday:

“I like Rybeck(spelling?) but dislike his finish. For such an impressive performer, Ryback’s finish is really weak looking. Hell, Ultimate Warrior’s shitty finish looked better than Rybacks.”

– There was an incident at Tuesday’s RAW live event in Glasgow where a young boy fell over the fan barrier as he tried to get one of John Cena’s wristbands. The boy apparently fell on his head. WWE crew members quickly rushed over to make sure he was alright. Cena then came over, sat with the kid and hugged him before taking photos with him.

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  • Lisa

    It doesn’t surprise me at all. Cena is and has always been a cool guy. Not just in storyline but in real life as well. It only makes me wonder how that asshole CM Punk would have reacted were he in Cena’s shoes. There is only one way he would have reacted, like the asshole that he is.

  • Bane

    That’s y Cena can’t turn heel. Even I want 2 c it happen, as does most wrestling fans, what he means 2 young children, especially what he means 2 the make a wish foundation, that’s y he has 2 stay a face. He mayb a kiss ass and predictable, but what he does 4 those kids truly triumphs over anything he, Punk, Rock, Taker, Hogan, etc. have accomplished inside the ring. CM PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hawkins


  • ross

    bullshit never happend, I was fucking there.

  • MechaMew2

    @ross Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • rob

    @Lisa do you seriously bring in CM Punk name for no fucking reason. You are a sad fucking sad sack of shit of a person to have so much anger towards someone for no reason.

  • Lisa

    Rob, shut the fuck up you disgusting piece of chicken shit. CM Punk is an asshole and I will keep bringing that up whenever I may wish to. And by the way Rob, you suck.

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