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Correction and More on the Hayes-Rosa Story

– We incorrectly noted before that former WWE writer Court Bauer said on the Bauer & Pollock Podcast that Michael Hayes was suspended by WWE after offering Rosa Mendes alcoholic beverages. Bauer actually said that Hayes was suspended for being seen drinking with Rosa. Here’s what Bauer said, courtesy of Raj Giri:

“He was hanging and having a few drinks with Rosa Mendes – many are familiar with her recent problems with drinking. WWE didn’t feel it was a good look, and a lot of people tipped off the front office about this event. I don’t know where it was; I’m sure it was at a hotel after a TV or something. They had been bringing her for a few weeks to TV but not using her, I think just to make sure that things were good, she was in a good place, it was a good environment for her and should could handle it.”

“That was the right move by the office, that was the right move to do. Very sensitive to the subject, but also just seeing if it was time to get back and get her involved. If someone has a problem, you probably shouldn’t be pouring a few back with them. I think that’s probably not in their best interests. As a person that’s intricately involved with talent and the inner office and knows this, that’s really inexcusable. Because of this lapse in judgment, he was told he’d be basically suspended from school for a few weeks. He’s not going anywhere; he’s still in the company. He’s still very much involved, so it’s not the end of Michael Hayes.”

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  • jcice13

    so no one can have a drink around rosa??? and am I reading this correctly? “he was having a few drinks with rosa”? doesn’t that mean she was drinking as well? and if that’s true why not suspend her too? hayes didn’t force her to drink, look I don’t do alcohol or hard drugs but I’ve been around a ton of people while they were and I never took a drink, and the last time I checked rosa was over 21 right? isn’t she old enough and smart enough to just say no thanks and walk away??? I mean it’s not like hayes has some big power with the company and she felt compelled to imbibe because she was afraid of losing her job or position. I am sick and tired of this”pc” world where the person who has the problem is overly protected, if rosa wanted to drink she could just go back to her room and drink or go out and find someplace to drink to blame hayes is just ludicrous. and please one tell me how he should know better and that it’s harmful to her, she has to stop on her own and have the will power to do so, if she drank with hayes what’s to say she didn’t have a drink with someone the next day. take charge of your own life, if your health and career are in jeopardy because you have a problem fix it or lose it

  • Bam Bam

    I would be pretty ticked off if I were Hayes. He was having a drink off work with a friend and gets suspended that is complete horse hockey. Rosa has a drinking problem so no one can drink with her is dum. So your telling me back in the day when Scott Hall and Jake Roberts was drinking if someone were to of seen drinking with them they would of got suspended. I call bull I would tell WWE what I do on my own personal time is none of your business as long as it’s not illegal or breaches my contract or anything like that.

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