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CZW’s “Brain Damage” Found Dead, Reportedly Commits Suicide

Marvin Lambert, a brawler-style independent wrestler known for competing in “death matches,” passed away Thursday. Details concerning his death remain scarce, but according to, he committed suicide. He was 34-years-old.

Lambert, who hailed from Cleveland, Ohio, and was trained by Toby Klein, locally broke into the professional wrestling business in 2000 before expanding to IWA Mid-South. In 2005, he joined Combat Zone Wrestling, where he competed off-and-on through last year. In the promotion, he was a two-time CZW Iron Man Champion and a two-time CZW Ultraviolent Underground Champion. He held both the Iron Man Championship and the Ultraviolent Underground Championship simultaneously.

More details on his career are available here.

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  • rob


  • Austin

    Hahaha wow what a shock here we go again Someone else commits Suicide. I am not surprised by this at all hahahaha

  • Kerwin White is Baffled

    Why are you laughing???

  • Y2J

    Austin, why the hell are you laughing? Burn in hell you piece of shit.

  • blake

    We should hire the undertaker to take austin under

  • GN-0015

    While I do have the deepest condolences for his family and friends, I think we all should learn something about this that ultra violent wrestling should STOP. It’s fine to do some hardcore wrestling, but CZW is way over the top. Nick Mondo & Thumbtack Jack retired early, JC Bailey died young and now Brain Damage. Please, no more.

  • Chelsii.

    CZW is not wrestling, it’s clowns who are hired off the street to hit each other with light tubes.

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