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Dan Severn on MMA Vs. Pro Wrestling, WWE Topps Cards, More

– Former UFC and WWE Superstar Dan Severn spoke with Don O’Brien of The Herald Whig about his feud with Ken Shamrock in WWE.

“Mixed martial arts doesn’t hold a candlestick to the wacky world of professional rasslin’,” Severn said. “I say it like that. It’s not wrestling. It’s rasslin’ where men in tights settle their differences in the squared circle.”

– WWE returns to Stockton, CA with a live event at the Stockton Arena on December 6th. Tickets go on sale next Saturday, October 5th at 10AM at TicketMaster.com.

– The Cardboard Connection published an article about the 2014 Topps WWE trading cards.

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  • Devon

    Is Severn retarded???

    • tt2000

      You watch your mouth when talking about TRUE legend Dan “The Beast” Severn. One of the all time greats. Respect GREATNESS you moron.

      • Devon

        Severn is an all time great!! HA!!! Taker, Austin, Rock, HBK, Bret, Owen, Eddie, Y2J, Benoit, Angle, Punk, Flair, HHH, Macho Man, Hall, Brock, Bruno, Edge, Christian, Sting, Backlund, Kane, JBL, Cena, Bryan, Big Show, Perfect, Rude, Warrior, Hogan, Sheik, Slaughter, Bulldog, Regal, Nash, Andre, Jarrett, Roberts, Piper, Dibiase, Dusty, Goldust, Goldberg, Styles, the Von Erics & Yokozuna are all time greats.

        • tt2000

          Severn is an amateur, pro-wrestling and MMA legend. Don’t be a moron and learn about history.

          • Devon

            I know he is an mma legend, I know he was an amateur wrestler. But he did nothing in the wwf

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