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Daniel Bryan and HHH Really Argue at RAW, More on Bryan Getting Hurt

– As noted before, Daniel Bryan legitimately suffered a stinger in his match against Randy Orton on last night’s RAW. WWE officials stopped the match because of this.

The planned finish had Bryan defeating Orton to help set up Bryan’s main event run this summer.

We also noted how WWE’s website aired a video of Triple H explaining that Bryan confronted him about the decision to stop the match but they both apologized to each other. This was also a shoot.

When Bryan returned to the back, he was “irate” and complained to Triple H that the match should not have been stopped. They got into a loud argument in the gorilla position backstage with a lot of people looking on. People were shocked because Bryan is usually soft spoken and good natured, plus he was standing up to Triple h of all people.

Bryan complained that he’s worked all over the world, worked hurt and knows when he can go and when he can’t. Triple H argued that they were protecting him and they don’t want anyone working hurt. Both men did apologize to each other.

Source: PWInsider

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  • http://WWW.WrestleNewZ.com/ Bork Lazer Living Legend

    Hope this doesn’t affect his push for this summer…

    • Mohamed Abdo

      Maybe another match next RAW .. And Bryan will win it.

  • Danny

    I feel like this would help Bryan. Triple h of all people can respect a guy that refuses to have a match stopped due to injury. And the fact that Bryan got so pissed when he’s normally so calm just shows the type of passion he has for the work he does. I think triple h would be encouraged by that kinda attitude. Especially from someone they wanna give a major push to.

    • Y2J

      Yeah, it shows what he’s willing to do for them as a company, and the business as a whole. I can really see him carrying the company one day.

      • Danny

        It would make sense. He’s over with both kids and adults. That’s more than they can say with the current face of the company

      • Richie

        I agree, but i can also see Triple H’s side about protecting him! Had the match NOT been stopped, Bryan may have been injured worse…then he could have been out of action for a period of time…and right now considering how hot he is, that would have hurt business!

        • Y2J

          Yeah I agree. I’m not saying that Triple H made the wrong call, I’m just saying that it shows how much passion he has.

  • ceddy01

    Daniel Byran is the best wrestler in the world i’m sorry cm punk change your title your not the best.

    • fj2305

      Daniel Bryan or should I say Bryan Danielson referred himself as The Best in the World back in the indy circuit, so…

      • Rob

        It’s funny because Davey Richards seems to be trying to take that nick name and the yes chants when he kicks.

        • http://youtube.com/RyeANDRinGaming B-Dazzle

          I never really like Davey Richards. Davey Richards been trying to be Dragon for a long time now, he even has “The American” In his nickname. Unlike Dragon who’s nickname is “The American Dragon” Davey changed it and calls himself “The American Wolf” And the best wrestler in the world. When the original best wrestler in the world is Dragon. While C.M Punk is the best in the world. He’s basically mocking Dragon in every way possible by stealing all his stuff. He does all of Dragon’s moves too. From the i’m gonna kick your head off when he kicks, to the yes chants. He even does The Bryan Danielson Special too.

        • fj2305


    • Ya Boy J Black

      CM Punk is the BITW but if done right Bryan could get power hungry vs Cena and call himself the G.O.A.T. Cena vs Bryan who now thinks he should be the Greatest of All Time

    • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

      Bryan is the best inside the ring, Punk is probably 2nd best, at least in the company. But there can be little doubt that Punk is the best stick man in the entire industry, for any company. This is part of being ‘Best in the World,’ it means being the best OVERALL performer. Bryan is getting better and better on the mic, but he isn’t quite to Punk’s level yet.

    • UMpunkBLN

      If you compare both man you realize that CM Punk is way better. Maybe not in the ring but in every other point. I love both guys but I prefer Punk. He is the savior of the WWE.

  • http://youtube.com/RyeANDRinGaming B-Dazzle

    This is exactly what i said would happen….

    • Mike Smith

      What? Where can I read this?

  • fj2305

    In 2007 the match would end like it should have been supposed to end…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aMVlNPjpbI The Devourer of Dimensions

    What exactly, is a stinger?

    • Poppy’s Hammer

      A pinched nerve.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aMVlNPjpbI The Devourer of Dimensions


      • Richie

        Actually its not only a pinched nerve…but any kind of injury that may look and feel serious in the moment, but the effect wears off after a few minutes and it turns out to be nothing but a scare!

  • CMmox

    Daniel Bryan and his dedication to wrestling. Much respect for this guy.

  • SdotC

    This is awesome to hear. I agree with the consensus that this will not damage Bryan’s career, and he will probably win a return match with Orton next Monday.

    Also, I’m really glad they haven’t pulled the trigger on him turning heel. The split with Kane was perfect and allows for one-night reunions, and if they keep doing this “is he going to turn?” stuff with him, it really makes him more engaging, and makes you commit more to seeing him succeed as a babyface. They could keep stringing us along all the way through Summerslam, and whether he ends that night as a heel or a face, as long as he leaves champion, he’ll be the guy everyone talks about. I say keep him babyface and let him ride that momentum… hell, if WWE wasn’t so worried about the buy rate for SS, you could even have Mark Henry beat Cena at MitB and get one final month reign as WWE Champ so Bryan can challenge a heel champion (though Cena would kind of be a heel too) and then have Bryan vs Cena at Night of Champions. They could have done that with Ryback instead of Henry, too. I’m sure that won’t happen, but it’s a thought.

    I must say, WWE have done a good job of making me really want to see the WWE title change hands. That means they’re making the title important again. First with Punk’s legendary reign, and I admit, at the time, I wanted to see Rock as WWE Champ one last time, and was glad it took such a megastar to finally beat Punk. I also feel like Cena’s earned one more run after a selfless 2011-12, the problem was of course that it was all done so predictably. Now recently I’ve found myself legitimately mad that Ryback didn’t go over Cena, esp with where both are in their careers, and I’m sure I’ll feel the same when they feed Henry to him. So it goes without saying that Bryan going over at Summerslam– and he MUST win– will make me, and probably all of you, pop more than anything I’ve seen in a long time. If WWE’s insistence on “getting Cena over huge for the Summer” at the expense of Rock, but more-so Ryback and Henry was all to build to him putting Bryan over, then I’ll accept that as a fair trade. But if Cena wins… we actually riot. No BS. WE RIOT.

    Tl;dr = YES!

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