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Daniel Bryan Breaks His Silence; Potential Options Outside WWE

Daniel Bryan was pretty quiet for a few days after The Miz cut a scathing promo on him. But he finally broke the silence on Twitter. His tweet, however, has nothing to do with the event in question.

It is something totally out of the blue and you can see it here:

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer discussed Daniel Bryan’s potential to make money elsewhere in the wrestling business. Meltzer stated that Bryan could make more money in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and even make more money in merch sales, than what he is currently pulling in with his WWE role.

Between Bryan avoiding the Miz issue (Miz actually told Bryan if he loves wrestling so much that he should go wrestle on the indies) and Meltzer outlining the realities of that option, the question mark hangs heavy over head… What is work and what is shoot?

It was almost certainly a work. But considering Bryan went incommunicado after storming off set, and a guy like Meltzer, the ultimate insider, delving into the matter the way he did; Unless Meltzer has decided to do kayfabe reporting, there seems to be some manner of intrigue at hand. And time will tell.

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