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Daniel Bryan On WWE Tryout 10 Years Ago, WWE Inbox, Mick Foley’s Comedy Show

– Below is the latest WWE Inbox episode which features WWE Stars revealing what languages they speak and discussing if they are a Paul Heyman guy (or girl).

– Daniel Bryan spoke to WWE.com about his first run with the company 10 years ago ended after WWE aquired several cruiserweights.

“They had a million guys like us who had more experience and had already been on TV,” Bryan said. “So that’s when I started working the indies.”

– Mick Foley is scheduled to perform four “Tales from Wrestling Past” this Friday and Saturday at The American Comedy Co. in San Diego, CA.

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  • John Cena 2004

    I remember seeing John Cena vs Daniel Bryan from Velocity 2003 lol

    • Devon

      Yeah me too and now Cena is one of the best ever and Bryan is the best in the world and on his way to being one of the best ever

      • Chelsii?

        Cena one of the best? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          Yes he is one of the best.

        • jcice13

          he is one of the best ever, it’s not just in ring that matters but the entire package, he works as hard if not harder than most, talks as good as anyone around and kisses the right asses and dimes out anyone he can? that’s a top star baby

          • YM5

            one of the best sports entertainers of all time, possibly my favorite although I don’t have an affinity for sports entertainers

          • jcice13

            look as a kid in brooklyn I grew up hating the new york yankees, couldn’t stand them, then as I got older and traveled the country I would be in all these “remote” places where there wasn’t a major league team for states and states away, and what ball caps and tshirts did they wear? and who was their favorite team? the new york yankees, why? because they won all the time so that was their favorite team. now just because I dislike them so much it doesn’t mean I think mickey mantle sucked or mariano rivera or jeter today. I know they are some of the greatest players of all time and hall of famers. I say this because I know there are lots of people who dislike Cena, I’m one who can’t stand looking at him or listening to him and I feel his a phony, but does that mean he isn’t working his ass off? that he isn’t a good performer? hell no, I’m mature enough and intelligent enough to put my personal feelings aside and realize the guy is just one of the best of all time, a person doesn’t have to like someone to realize they ply their craft as good as the greats in their arena of work and even in a scripted endeavor such as the WWE if he wasn’t the best or near the very top he wouldn’t be put in that position by a man who wants to make the most money he can, right?

          • YM5


  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Daniel Bryan has definitely came along way.

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