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Daniel Bryan Pulled From More WWE Events

As noted, WWE has pulled Daniel Bryan from this weekend’s live events and the post-WrestleMania 32 UK tour. Bryan was scheduled to be honored at those events. 

On Wednesday, tickets for Bryan’s WrestleMania Axxess signing were taken down, which means he will not be appearing at the signing.

WWE issued the following statement regarding Bryan being pulled from events that he was advertised for:

Daniel Bryan requested time off, and it was granted.

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  • Si Nicholls

    With the treatment of Paige since Christmas and now Bryan not coming the UK shows are looking less and less appealing by the day currently

    • Lisa

      Bryan was never a draw anyway. And now that he’s retired he’s pretty much irrelevant.

      • bigfoot3169

        That’s right, I forgot. If it ain’t about Reigns or Cena then everyone sucks according to Lisa. How about pulling your blinders back for more than a minute and look at what a wrestler can and can’t do? Of course then again, Lisa might like things shoved down her throat. While the rest of the community is open minded and such, just keep sucking on that meat stick and let the adults carry on the conversation.

        • Lisa

          What a hateful and sexist comment. For your information, I do like Cena and Reigns but there are several other wrestlers that I like too. It’s unfortunate because it looks like you’ve just come out of a very thick jungle. I’d suggest you crawl your way back in.

          • bigfoot3169

            You’re right. I crossed the line. I’m sorry! Then who else do you like? You bash a lot of wrestlers, so when I see any of your posts, it’s pretty much negativity towards them.

          • Lisa

            I like many other wrestlers like Jericho, Taker, Lesnar, Big Show, Drew Galloway, Shane McMahon, Miz, Strowman, e.t.c.

      • josh

        He was only the most over wrestler for the past 2-3 years but that’s none of my business.

  • Crazy_Victor

    I think Bryan wants to leave the company and fight on the indies again… Until he become a father.

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