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Daniel Bryan Reportedly Gives His Notice To WWE

There has been a lot of speculation on Daniel Bryan’s future in WWE. Bryan has been out of action since last April after he suffered a concussion.

As noted, Bryan was told by WWE that he would not be cleared, and he’s been offered other jobs within the company. Bryan later spoke with Vince McMahon and argued his case, but Vince wouldn’t budge. Vince told him that he probably would not clear him, but he didn’t say that’s 100%.

Bryan has been vocal about wrestling in other promotions if he cannot wrestle in WWE. Bryan reportedly gave his notice to WWE but was denied.

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer posted on the Wrestling Classics forum, saying that “He did give notice and was told he did not have the right to give notice.”

Bryan still has several years left on his WWE contract and his contract has been frozen. The reason that his contract has been frozen is because it helps WWE make up lost time when a talent is sidelined. WWE did the same thing with Rey Mysterio before they released him.

The contract can be permanently frozen unless Bryan takes the WWE to court. However, the chances of him doing that are low because his wife, Brie Bella, still works for the company.

As noted, Bryan is scheduled to appear on Monday’s episode of RAW.

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  • It Begins kid

    Daniel Bryan’s Retirement announcement tonight?

    • Mean Dean

      Doubt it, surprising reports state that Vince wants Bryan back on tv , I’m beginning to think that Vince finally is realizing that Reigns is a dead end job

      • Bonkerz

        Next joke please… My theory is Vince doesn’t want Reigns to be overshadowed by Bryan’s return. This may not be true – but I have my suspicions.

  • Bonkerz

    WWE is so cruel for doing this, both to Mysterio and Bryan – How is Bryan supposed to earn a living if his contract is frozen?

    He’s been cleared by doctors better than the ones in WWE, what is so hard for them to understand?! The guy’s passion is being a wrestler – let him wrestle dammit! Instead he is being forced to work for a company which is unfairly discriminating against him – in jobs which he did not train to do…

    • biz

      Well he gets paid by wwe still for all the things non wrestling related.

      Also, you won’t be saying that when he dies at the age of 50. Look at the NFL and all the issues former players are suffering. Is it a bad thing they want him to make sure he doesn’t die and are offering him a very good paying alternative while still being involved in the business he loves? To say he is being discriminated against is silly.

      • Bonkerz

        Well, it doesnt matter anymore… Read the news…

        • biz

          You’re smart Ass remark won’t work considering I wrote that before any news broke out. Nice try though.

  • Ziriak

    Let him wrestle and tell him it’s his last chance. Another injury after 2 matches and he’s done.

  • jeff

    This is a work.

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