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Daniel Bryan Return Rumor Shot Down

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There was speculation that Daniel Bryan was headed to Pennsylvania to meet WWE’s Dr. Joseph Maroon in hopes of a return to the ring. On the Wrestling Observer forums Dave Meltzer shot down those claim, saying he was there for a local autograph signing.

Bryan has not wrestled since April due to a concussion. The past two years have gone terrible for Bryan. After WrestleMania XXX, he was forced to relinquish the WWE Championship. The following year, he had to do the same with the Intercontinental Championship. Bryan has been cleared to return by his doctor, but the WWE wants Maroon to make the final call.

There’s no word if Bryan will return to a ring, despite rumors he will be in the Royal Rumble match.

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  • Lisa

    Daniel Bryan is dead wood. His career is over.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      if he stays with the WWE, he better get use to total divas. they’ll never let him wrestle again.

      • Lisa

        He could leave WWE and wrestle in the Indies but that would be at a cost.
        He may suffer a Bret Hart-like, life threatening injury.

        • The Shockmaster

          Maybe he should wrestle Goldberg xD

          • Lisa

            Goldberg would kill him.

        • Philip Hollett

          So can any wrestler in any match in any organisation.

          • jeff

            Lisa is a moron who knows nothing about nothing. DB will be back and better than ever.

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  • jeff

    Joe, he’s going to be back for the Rumble. If they’re trying this hard to say he hasn’t he has and the YES network put an article up today saying he was cleared by his own doctors but not WWE. Just seems like everyone is going out of their way to say he’s not cleared.

  • Barooq #NewNation

    The plot thickens!

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