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Daniel Bryan Talks About His Itch To Wrestle, Cruiserweight Classic, Commentating

Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan recently did an interview with Yahoo Sports.

Bryan discussed whether being on the road with WWE again has hurt or helped his itch to still be a wrestler.

“It’s kind of hurt it,” He said, “It’s not the traveling part of it… I was doing OK, right. I was like, OK, this isn’t my jam anymore, I can’t do this. Until they had me sit out by ringside for a couple of matches and it’s just like, c’mon, I’m ready to go. That’s the hard part. Or when I go out to the arena and get such a great reaction. That’s when I want to wrestle.”

Bryan went on to talk about his duties as a commentator for the Cruiserweight Classic and the challenges he’s faced in the new position.

“For me, it’s trying to keep my voice up,” He said, “So [last] Wednesday, there was an amazing match between Cedric Alexander and Kota Ibushi. We filmed three tapings in a row that day and that was the main event of the first taping. I was so excited calling the match that I lost my voice completely and then I had to do two more hours of calling matches.”

Bryan continued, “Mauro [Ranallo] is great because he’s trained to do that. My voice isn’t trained for it. I can only talk for so long before my voice just goes out. That’s been the hard part but the Cruiserweight Classic has been a blast.”

With smaller superstars like Finn Balor receiving a big push into the main event spotlight, Bryan addressed whether his own success played a role in setting a new precedent.

“I think it was a natural evolution,” He said, “I think what’s happened is there’s so many hours of TV that’s put out there that people who are more exciting in the ring are going to be the ones that become more popular. Because of Raw being three hours and SmackDown two hours, there has to be more matches and longer matches.”

Bryan concluded, “Smaller wrestlers are built for more exciting matches.”

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