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Daniel Bryan Admits To Hiding Post-Concussion Seizures

In an interview with ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman, Daniel Bryan admitted to have suffered from post-concussion seizures.

“I have had post-concussion seizures that I have hid, for a long time,” said Bryan on ESPN. “There was never any evidence to see why I would have these seizures, but then finally we found some.”

Dave Meltzer noted how Bryan told doctors about the seizures, but hid the medical condition from many other people.

“The last time he [Bryan] had a seizure was four years ago,” said Meltzer. “Obviously I don’t know who he hid it from and who he didn’t hide it from, but what I can tell you factually is that every single doctor that he talked with knew about it. He didn’t hide that from any doctors.”

To start the week, Bryan announced his retirement and gave a farewell speech on Monday’s RAW.

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    And people said I was taking it too far when I was comparing this troll to Benoit who also hid his medical issues just to be able to perform. Also all those IWC Indy shmucks that riled up on Vince and the WWE for not clearing this D-bag surely have learnt their lesson i hope.

    • http://NUNAYSHON.com Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      I don’t understand the hate for the indys you know a lot of people from Edge to Mysterio to Jericho were Indy stars? I just don’t get it…

      • Fat Owens Fat

        I don’t hate the Indys, i hate their immature fanboys who destroy the product with their silly Indy boners.

        • http://NUNAYSHON.com Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

          ? So disrespecting Bryan means you are disrespecting Indy smarks? Uuhh ok?

          • Fat Owens Fat

            Umm any wrestler that hides his injuries from the company is a D-bag. Look what happened to Benoit. Look how Goldberg has to live with a bad reputation because Bret Hart’s immature fans blamed him for Bret’s career coming to a screeching halt.

            Its wrestlers like these that give the good wrestlers a bad name. Hiding injuries, hiding prescriptions and then when they’re seriously injured or dead, the media has a field day blaming the company for their negligence. How many of the Indy smarks were riling up on Vince for not clearing this guy because “2 non WWE docs gave him clearance to wrestle”?

          • http://NUNAYSHON.com Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

            I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a Douche Bag because he wanted to do something that he was passionate about…sure hiding stuff like that is kinda shady but some injuries some wrestlers think doesn’t need attention and he probably felt that way..they all probably felt that way and that probably happens all the time not just in those cases so…d bag kinda hash…a little selfish yeah maybe…

          • Fat Owens Fat

            “because he wanted to do something that he was passionate about”
            So was Benoit.
            “but some injuries some wrestlers think doesn’t need attention”
            Come on. Seizures aren’t serious enough?

  • http://NUNAYSHON.com Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    Ok so the footage they been showing from SD! was him selling?

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