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Daniel Bryan’s Cruiserweight Classic Entrance, WWE 2K16 Cover

WWE 2K16
– Daniel Bryan made a rare WWE appearance since retiring as he’s hosting the Cruiserweight Classic tournament with Mauro Ranallo. The crowd gave Bryan a thunderous “Yes” ovation during his entrance.

– On Monday, 2K will release the cover for WWE 2K17. John Cena hypes the cover below, but there’s no guarantee the 15-time champ will once again land the major spot.

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  • AuctionPicker

    I really wanted to watch the cruiserwieght classic, but I just can’t if that retched turd Mauro Ranallo is calling it.

    • Meg Matthews

      Is he worse than Saxton? Lol

      • AuctionPicker

        yes, Saxton isn’t BAD he’s just sort of bland and mediocre. Ranallo is gutwrenching!

  • The Shockmaster

    Spoiler of the 2K17 cover:

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