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Davey Richards: “I Just Don’t Have Any Interest In Going To WWE”

When WWE was signing several top Indy names from around the globe, they passed on Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. For Richards, he never saw the appeal in WWE or NXT.

“I just don’t have any interest in going to WWE as a wrestler because it’s not congruent with my schedule,” said Richards. “I operate best when I do my wrestling thing and then come home and do my real life thing.”

Richards is currently in school and the traveling makes the jobs too challenging. Recently, Richards and Edwards (known as The Wolves) re-signed with TNA.

Don’t expect to see Richards on TV until August or October as he underwent surgery for a torn ACL.

For more of Richards’ conversation with Sports Illustrated, please click here.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Finally someone says it


    When I read this all I see is,”I just don’t have any interest in making money.” I mean good on him for trying to better his life,but think about this for a second. NXT is a similar schedule to TNA if I’m correct,so he could still do school. Also, Xavier Woods is working on a PHD even with his schedule… So are these true reasons or just real bad excuses because WWE didn’t pick them up,so its time to make up some BS excuse why you didn’t want to go anyway. ..

  • Philip Hollett

    Just as they have no interest in signing you Davey.

  • sandman14769

    He wouldn’t last long in wwe he is known to have a bad attitude if ROH wants nothing to do with you that says something

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