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David Otunga Feuding with Rapper, Bray Wyatt Football Days Profiled

– Juicy Mag Online published an article about David Otunga taking a shot at rapper Wale’s new Bad remix. Otunga suggested that Rihanna overshadowed him on the track, writing on Twitter, “So @Wale adds @rihanna to the remix of. ‘Bad’ and she overshadows him in the song? #RappersLuckyKendrickMentionedThem.”

Wale later responded to Otunga, writing on Twitter, “Ur wife overshadowing ur career tho.”

РMaxPreps published an article about Bray Wyatt wrestling and playing football back in High School. The article mentions that Wyatt captured the Class 1A heavyweight (275 pounds and above) wrestling title at Hernando High School in Brooksville, FL in 2005 before earning a scholarship to play football for the College of Sequoias in California.

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  • Jakerams

    why is this on tna news?

    • Trey Doss

      wwe is secretly taking over tna

      • Jakerams

        now would be the perfect time for wwe to try buying tna with tna having money problems (hopefully they don’t try)

        • jcice13

          why buy something when the bones will be ripe for the picking soon enough for free

          • YM5

            it would be easier to get the contracts via the company purchase, for those actually contracted by TNA and not Panda Energy

          • jcice13

            LOL,no it wouldn’t,because what’s easier for an employer than having people come to you and asking for a job? that’s what would happen if TNA folded, there would be no one to barter with to buyout anything, just cherry pick the talent you want, and if they did fold, and unless Panda wants to keep them on as salaried employees? they’d all be able to work anywhere for anyone right away, because you can’t have a no compete clause if you as a company ain’t competing…now if you mean that the WWE should buy the rights so they can have dvds of TNA wrestling like they did with WCW that’s different, but to say it’s easier to get contracts via a purchase? no

          • YM5

            yes it would be, a lot of TNA guys wouldn’t be interested in going to the WWE for one, and second if the WWE were to purchase the company they would simply inherit the contracts with no compete and active disclosure policies intact just like they did with WCW

          • jcice13

            have you ever been in an apple orchard? what’s easier? climbing a tree and getting an apple? getting a long stick and poking one down? or just sit there and let a ripe one fall in your lap?

          • YM5

            how easy is it to have a bucket of apples brought to you as soon as you want it so you can pluck out the good ones?

          • YM5

            not saying he wants TNA but he wants certain talents FROM TNA, and the opportunity to have free selection over them would be his best bet. And I never said he wanted the COMPANY intact, I said he’d want the CONTRACTS intact

        • Trey Doss

          you know i was kidding right?

          • Jakerams

            I know but it would still be a perfect time to try and buy it from a business point of view. (Hopefully not though)

          • Trey Doss

            true that

    • Mario Peralta

      There is always that one jack@ss who can’t just read the headline he wants… he has to care where they are listed under too… tsk tsk tsk

  • james clinton

    An article in the wrong section and I haven’t looked at the author but I’ll take a guess… Its steve carrier right?
    AKA the man of 10000 rip-offs, who steals literally every article he “writes” from PWInsider, just copy-pasting and then deleting info like the real author, AKA the laziest author ever who when he finally does actually write his own article once in a blue moon won’t even proofread or make sure its in the proper section.
    Steve Carrier doesn’t deserve his job but he’s one of the “good ol’ boys” who have been in the business for so long that he’s got total job security.
    His continued employment is a disgusting statement about the corruption and lack of quality standards in journalism today, and a case in point of why readership here is down – on the rare cases that steve gives credit to his source rather than outright stealing their article I bookmark that site and make sure to visit there instead of here, the only reason I come here still is for Adrian’s raw recaps which are pretty darn good.

    • james clinton

      Oh look it was Carrier, thank god. I was gonna feel stupid if it was another author after all.

    • [B]ANExx

      Yeah Adrian’s articles are awesome.

  • Bignic

    275 was the limit back then so he could not go above that limit

  • KingBack

    How is this TNA news?

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    God, I hope Bray’s body holds together for the long haul. Of course, his character is one of the most unique and legitimately frightening things WWE has spawned in a long while. And as a result, he might never get due credit for how good an athlete he is. Simply put, Bray Wyatt’s a good steak dinner short of 300 pounds, and has no business moving around the ring anywhere the hell near as fast as he does.

    Oh, and Wale 1 – Otunga 0.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Wow Wale owned Otunga

  • Devon

    What happened to that jobber?

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