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Dean Ambrose Talks About The Biggest Win Of His Career

WWE Championship
In a WWE exclusive interview, Dean Ambrose explains what his WWE Championship win at Battleground 2016 means to him. In regards to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Ambrose states that the trio’s fraternal love/hate relationship was on an inevitable collision course three years in the making, culminating last night in their triple threat match for the title.

With tonight’s RAW being the first step in a new direction for WWE since the brand split, Ambrose’s victory may be a sign of radical change in the current pro-wrestling Zeitgeist. The biases of the WWE brass may finally become displaced, putting destiny back in the hands of the superstar’s who can get over with the crowd. Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley have all recently echoed the sentiment that the WWE product going forward should be about the performers and not the management. The “hot hand” ought to get the push because if you can’t take cues from your audience, of what use is your creative?

Seeing the company run with Ambrose as the champ instead of say, Reigns, may signify the reincarnation of this throwback idea.

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