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Dean Ambrose Talks About Being WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler, Legacy

WWE Championship
WWE Champion Dean Ambrose recently did an interview with Josh Caudill of

Ambrose discussed his Summerslam opponent, Dolph Ziggler.

“I was very excited to see Dolph Ziggler come out of that No. 1 contender deal to challenge me at SummerSlam,” He said, “Ziggler is one of those guys who doesn’t get all of the credit he deserves for being so good consistently for so long. Every single night for years, he’s out there busting his ass and tearing it up and keeping his nose to the grindstone. I like having that attitude and work ethic because when you bring that to the ring with the same mindset you can create something special.”

Ambrose switched gears and spoke about being the face of the blue brand.

“I also like that we’re representing SmackDown Live,” He went on, “There’s an attitude and an excitement on that team because it’s a new thing. It’s a live show on Tuesdays and we’re going to try and build it into something. Plus, we’re trying to stake our claim to see who’s the leader on that team. Both Ziggler and me want to stake our claim as the main guy on SmackDown Live.”

He shared his view on his ring attire and what it is like wrestling in jeans.

“It can be a little tough,” Ambrose said, “You gotta find stretchy jeans. Sometimes it can impede your movement. It can be a little hard to leap frog and jump up and down, you know?”

Ambrose laughed and continued, “You have to find a nice comfortable pair. They get worn out real easy. They will be loose and hanging off of me because I beat them up wrestling in them so much. It has its challenges but at the same time I can walk right out of the ring and into a car. I feel like in 2016 putting on little underwear to fight really doesn’t make sense.”

The Lunatic Fringe is a guy who has paid his dues and earned his push. He is an example of a champion who got over to get the title and didn’t get the title to get over, as WWE tried doing with Roman Reigns. On Stonecold Steve Austin’s podcast recently, Ambrose talked about the respect he has for the way the old NWA champions carried themselves. He related that idea to his own current run as champion.

“It feels like a responsibility,” He said, “It’s like I’ve been given the keys to a very nice car or something. The WWE Championship is the greatest championship in the history of this sport. It has the most history of anything. You go back to Bruno Sammartino and uniting the titles in the 2000s to the first undisputed title, it’s a ‘grade A’ championship. You can’t go out there and be a goofball. You have to represent like a true main eventer.”

While on Steve Austin’s podcast, Ambrose felt he was “put on blast” as the Texas Rattlesnake challenged him to push the limits more and not rest on his laurels. Austin had also asked if there was a chip on Ambrose’s shoulder. Using that as a launch point, Ambrose expounded his expectations going forward as WWE Champion.

“I kind of roll with the punches and roll with the wind,” He said, “In real life, I’m the most laid back person you will ever meet. When I’m on the job, I’m on the job but in reality I’m not a guy with a chip on my shoulder. In my younger years maybe I did but over the years you learn that carrying that negativity will just weigh you down. I like to sit back and look at the landscape and breathe it in instead of having all of these goals. I like to see what the world throws at me.”

Ambrose concluded with a passing sentiment on posterity.

“As far as what I want out of a legacy, I don’t really have a clear vision for it,” He said, “I’m going to do what I do and I how I want to do it. I make it up as I go along a lot in life and in the ring so that is how my story will ultimately be written.”

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