Debate Announced For Raw, Kelly Kelly Featured By SI, Dory Funk, Jr.

- The official WWE website has" target="new">announced that tonight on Raw, SmackDown General Manager Booker T will moderate a World Championship debate between Sheamus and Big Show ahead of their World Heavyweight Championship Match at WWE Hell in a Cell on Oct. 28.

Booker T called upon fans to tweet and Tout questions for both the champion and challenger, with selected questions being posed on-air. Fans can submit their inquiries using the hashtag #SheamusShow.

- Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is featured in today’s Hotclicks “Photo Gallery Of The Day” on the official website of Sports Illustrated. Click here to see their photo of Kelly.

- The legendary career of Dory Funk, Jr. is being highlighted this month on WWE Classics On Demand. WWE has released a teaser clip on the noted grappler’s Hall of Fame segment.

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  • Fuck Off

    The last time WWE did a debate, it was ratings suicide. Neither Sheamus or Big Show are all that special on the mic, so this could be brutal.

  • rob

    I got a question. Why do Sheamus and Big Show bore the shit out of me?????????

  • GN-0015

    I had high hopes for Sheamus to be a good world champion, and “creative” screwed things up so many times, and now… debate… zzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

  • Bad News Bro

    @GN-0015 – What does creative have to do with it? They’re not in charge of booking. Vince and management just say who and what they want and Creative pretty much just fill in the blanks. Almost everyone has moved past the Daniel Bryan shit with what happened at WrestleMania, and I’d like to hope that most people recognized it wasn’t Sheamus’s fault to begin with. I liked Sheamus a lot and had high hopes as well, but the problem is he has not progressed in the slightest since winning the championship. Putting the world title on him just put a big magnifying glass on him. He can go in the ring, he’s really intense, and he has a great look, but the guy has NO charisma. Saying “Fella” and talking about getting a pint after the show during EVERY promo doesn’t make someone a character. He does the same “say all of the right things” sort of promo as Cena, except, in all honesty, Cena’s delivery is A LOT better than Sheamus’s. Sheamus just sounds so robotic and stiff like he’s reading straight from the script, and then when he seemingly tries to go off script, it just comes out sounding awkward. An example of this would be when he was getting booed out of the building in Chicago a few weeks ago. Go watch it again. He was kind of incoherent and it was clear that he had no idea as to how to react in that situation.

    And as for the debate tonight, just why? Like, what is there to debate about? I understand that they’re trying to play off the presidential debates starting this week, but why not do it with some guys who it will at least make sense for? Like Kane and Bryan. That’d be funny, interesting, and there’s plenty for them to argue about. Sheamus and Big Show debating is just going to be them talking about kicking each other’s asses and being world champion, just a regular promo except with podiums, a moderator, and, if i had to guess, is going to come across far more unbearable than just a normal promo would.

  • Real Kosher

    bad bad choice by WWE, keep politics out of the WWE!! stupid fuckers, I bet that there will be close to a million people tune out of it

  • GN-0015

    @Bad news – If Vince was 100% responsible for everything, then he wouldn’t need a creative team. It’s true that Vince is the one approving this and that, but creative team has to have good proposals for him.

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