Del Rio Suspended From This Week’s SmackDown, Raw Draws Strong Rating

- In response to back-to-back attacks by World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on No. 1 contender Big Show, SmackDown General Manager Booker T announced Tuesday night that he has suspended the Mexican grappler from this week’s SmackDown.

“Following the incidents last Friday on SmackDown as well as this week on Raw,” Booker told, “it is my duty as GM to suspend Alberto Del Rio. He will not be in action this Friday night and will not be in the building.”

WWE teased in the" target="new">announcement: “While there is no question these latest developments will make a profound impression on this week’s edition of the blue brand, one has wonder how it will affect the upcoming World Title Match between Del Rio and The World’s Largest No. 1 contender at Elimination Chamber.”

- WWE drew another strong rating Monday following last week’s post-Royal Rumble episode of Raw, which drew a 3.68. This week’s show drew a 3.56.

The program averaged 4.81 million viewers over the course of two hours, down from 5.01 million viewers the week before.

Just like last week, the first hour of Raw drew a 4.863 million viewers. Viewership dropped off to 4.857 million in the second and 4.711 million in the third. This marks as the fourth consecutive week where Raw viewership dropped off from the second hour.

(source: Pro Wrestling Torch)

  • Joseph Douglas

    Ratings drop in the third hour because everybody knows that the third hour is when Cena will be out.

    • IamLisa

      Haha, what an idiot you are, Joseph.

      All you do is moan and moan, b!tch and b!tch.

      Grow up for once, fool.

      • DoingMaThing

        I agree with this one. Joseph you complain way too much. You make it seem like people force you to watch WWE.

        • IamLisa

          He is not a true wrestling fan. He’s a misguided plastic WWE fan. A fool of fools. He sucks.

          • Chelsii

            Says the kettle.

          • IamLisa

            Says the s1ut.

          • Chelsii

            Oh, was that an attempt at an insult? S1ut? Not a real word, retard.

          • IamLisa

            You got the point didn’t you? A cheap, two-cent s1ut.

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