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Del Rio Wrestling for Father’s Retirement, The Miz Turns Heel

– The Miz cut a heel promo before losing to Kofi Kingston at Wednesday’s WWE live event in Belfast. Miz talked about how he has been beaten up by everyone from Kane to The Wyatt Family and the fans always cheer for who is beating him up. Here is video:

– Alberto Del Rio noted on Twitter that he will be wrestling at a retirement show for his father, Mexican legend Dos Caras, in February of next year.

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  • Devon

    The Miz is fuckin terrible and doesn’t belong in wrestling, but he is a far better heel than a face

  • FollowTheME

    So he can get push now as a heel.Heel Miz vs John Cena WHC way better than ADR VS CENA.

  • B-Ped

    I don’t care what all the Miz haters say out there, but I really enjoyed his feud with Cena, and thought, without the Rock angle, it could have been even better. I’d enjoy Miz/Cena II for the WHC, IF Miz is a heel.

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