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Did John Cena Pass the Torch to Ryback?, WWE Stars Host Rally, Sheamus

– Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Alicia Fox held a “be a STAR” anti-bullying rally on Tuesday afternoon at Fairview Middle School in Memphis, Tennessee.

– World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will be appearing at Colonial Honda in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts on October 23rd at 12pm.

– After the apparent endorsement from John Cena to Ryback on Monday’s RAW, WWE has a new article up wondering if Cena passed the torch to the newcomer. They wrote:

“Ryback, who has been nothing short of a force of nature since his arrival in April, now carries the weight of the WWE Universe on his broad shoulders. Handed to him by Cena — a 10-time WWE Champion — Ryback also carries with him the hopes and dreams of an entire locker room. Whether it’s because Cena isn’t yet healthy enough to do battle, or perhaps because the Cenation leader sees something special in the rising Superstar, the burden is now on Ryback to answer the call.

Few have been afforded the opportunity to challenge for WWE Championship gold; fewer still have claimed it. Standing now at the precipice of greatness, when Hell in a Cell descends on Ryback and Punk come Oct. 28, will Ryback live up to the enormous expectations thrust upon him by Cena and carry that torch to a title reign?”

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  • Joseph

    Ryback is a flash in the pan. Once he starts having longer matches and people realize he sucks it will change. But then again, Cena sucks and he is the WWE’s love child.

  • michelle

    Maybe he did or maybe not but I support John Cena decision 100% because i’m a fan of his so i support his decision and people just have to support his decision too. He can’t do it at the moment and he will get the belt soon and maybe just maybe he will surprise all of us of he is the referee for the match and after CM Punk wins the match against ryback john cena is going to go up to him and gave him the aa to cm punk then he will win the title for the 11th time..i can dream right.

  • Chelsii.

    ^ So Cena will FU (Not AA bitch) CM Punk and just win the title? Do you know how stupid that sounds? Then again, Cena fans aren’t exactly large in intelligence.


    LMAO you need a sanctioned match or atleast mitb briefcase, which Cena already used, and lost, smh.


    Lol magically win the title

  • PlanoStu

    Guess none of you remember when Yokozuna beat Bret Hart, Hogan came out, Bret waved him in, impromptu match, and Hogan won the belt. You go Michelle!

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    michelle is like the new Chelsii of WNZ now.. stupid Sheena fans lol

  • havok

    he didnt pass the torch, he had no choice but to let ryback in the because hes hurt

  • Dirty Bird

    Am I the only one that thinks this could possibly be leading up to Lesnars return? Punk, Lesnar, and Heyman in a group. Then a possible Ryback vs. Lesnar match.

  • randomguy

    For once Chelsii i agree with you and your big vagina, but he is John Cena, if he wanted every tittle in the wwe at once Vince would give it to him, if he wanted to be the first ever one man tag-team champions Vince would let him.

  • randomguy

    If ryback wins its because of two reasons. 1. because Vince has a hard-on for him. 2. because of the stupid shit that happened on raw.

  • SDotC

    Ryback is not taking the belt off Punk with no build after a year reign and already turning Punk heel when they’re about to release a video game with his face on it. It’s not happening. There’s too much potential in a Punk heel character and too much of it is lost if he loses the belt. The only benefit to Ryback would be the continuation of his undefeated streak (yes, for him to win the championship in this match, the title is secondary). My guess is interference a la Badd Blood 1997. Maybe Brock comes in and whoops Ryback or something. It would be interesting if it was actually Taker considering that this month is the 15-year anniversary of that match. I doubt it will be the Deadman, but it’ll be someone. Idk if they’d do a no contest or have Punk actually pin Ryback…maybe Punk will lose but keep the belt on a loophole like Night Of Champions…….but he is leaving Hell In A Cell as WWE Champion.

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